Liza and Willie Biography

Born and raised in Queens, New York to Dominican Parents. Liza was eight years old when she showed interest in singing, and then her parents realized that she was a talented singer. She became determined to pursue her singing career. By the time Liza was ten, Liza’s mother managed her. Liza Sang in local neighborhood restaurants and appeared in Univision “Sabado al medio dia”, “Sabado Gigante” and all Hispanic Festivals Univision hosted. Liza sang for Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Charity events and local restaurants. In High School, she had chorus and guitar class and sang on every school concert.

Born and raised in Queens, New York to Dominican Parents. Willie always had love for music. Willie would dance in family gatherings and would always be the center of attention. Willie always had passion for baseball too. Willie joined the Newtown High School varsity team and also joined guitar class where his passion for guitar started. It became less and less baseball practice and more practice with his guitar. He was unstoppable. Willie and his friend formed a bachata group in 2001, named “Juventud” and that’s where Willie asked Liza if she wanted to be the female voice for his group. Willie’s group performed in local Charity events and parties.

Liza + Willie:
Liza and Willie met in music class at Newtown High School, Queens, New York in 1999. They both joined guitar class in 2000 where they performed every concert in school. Liza and Willie became very good friends and even wrote songs together. Willie created a bachata group named “Juventud” and was the lead guitarist and Liza was the lead female singer. Little did they know that’s when they became High School sweethearts. Music brought them together. The bachata group “Juventud” broke up. Liza and Willie then became musicians for bachata artist “Andy Andy”. Willie was second guitar and Liza chorus singer. Soon after another bachata group was created and named “MW” (Many Ways) with Liza, Willie and friend Melvin. “MW” was signed by RFG Records and distributed by J&N Records. MW “Changing the World” album released in 2005. Then the group broke up in 2007. Liza and Willie went on with their lives for seven years but still kept writing and recording. In 2014 they both said “Why give up? Why now”. They decided not to give up on what brought them together which is, “MUSIC”. So they became Bachata duo Liza + Willie. In 2015, Liza and Willie released their Singles, “Culpables” and “Siempre” Ranking top 50 in the record pool charts.

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