Luis Fonsi and Reik prepare for a powerful performance at the Palacio de los Deportes

The charismatic and talented artists Luis Fonsi and Reik are ready to present their repertoires this July 23 in a concert that promises to be full of hits, love, heartbreak and lyrics that have made their fans fall in love all over the world.

Under the production of César Suárez Jr., the performers of songs such as “No me doy por vencido” and “Peligro” will perform at the Palacio de los Deportes with more than 25 musicians on stage, with a show divided into two parts, each one based on the successes of each artist.

A press release indicates that with a production that promises to be spectacular and the participation of an international team of 70 people, Luis Fonsi will rediscover his Dominican roots, inherited from his grandmother.

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and actor, who is currently promoting his most recent production, “Ley de Gravidad”, has almost three decades of experience that have been marked by the colors and fusions of the romantic with other genres.

His tour “Perfect Night” has been a success in presentations.

The Reik band said they were excited to share the stage for the first time with Luis Fonsi, they stood out in the framework of their recently completed tour of the USA, with all the presentations sold out, reaffirming themselves as one of the most popular and recognized bands of the genre, with a career of almost two decades and a recognized and applauded repertoire in multiple countries.

It should be noted that the songbook created by Jesús Navarro, Julio Ramírez and Bibi Marín, members of the Mexican trio, includes “Danger”, “I already found out”, “You left here”, “I refuse”, “I believe in you”, “November without you”, “I would like” and “You know”, among others.

While that of Luis Fonsi includes others such as “I do not give up”, “Heart in the suitcase”, Who told you that?”, “Here I am”, “Imagine me without you”, “It rains inside” and “Nothing is forever”.

Tickets are on sale at Uepa Tickets and Centro Cuesta Nacional, Jumbo and El Nacional. For more information 809-227-1344.

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