Luis Jimenez No Longer with Amor 93.1 and SBS

It is now official Luis Jimenez is no longer with Amor 93.1 and SBS after Luis posting on his Facebook page that he no longer works for the station last Friday.


Luis who came back to work for SBS after leaving and going to Univision Radio and working X 96.3 returned to the company after being taken off the air by Univision due to comments that were made on the show. Luis and his crew came to Amor 93.1 and went live in February of 2015  in hopes of busting Amor 93.1 SBS sister station to Mega 97.9. Right now a lot of the reasoning of why Luis left is due to his ongoing project The Luis Jimenez Network which will be a stand alone Network apart from his job at Amor and SBS.


While many are saying it was also due to ratings, many know that SBS is not a fan of their employees creating a separate brand from that of the station. Another situation SBS just had was with DJ Lobo a former employe of theres who had created a mobile App for his mixes and new music and had reached millions of download on both Android and Apple device. SBS were not happy on how the App gained such a large amount of popularity and let DJ Lobo go from the station. Now with Luis creating his own Network you would think he falls in the same situation. You can also hear confirmation on why Luis left the station on the Carolina Cadillo Podcast witch 2 of Luis former co workers are part of (Carolina Cadillo & Guebin) as they talk more on how things went down and what is to come with there show. To this point Amor and SBS has decided to keep the rest of the crew from the Luis Jimenez Show as they continue to expanded and come up with new ideas for the show.

At the end we have all seen Luis go through many situations as he continues to hold his place in the Latin Radio World as the King of Latin Radio. Stay tuned for more information on Luis and his Network.

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  1. The King is King. Luis Jimenez Network will come online on his Luis Network, something in my opinion he should have done a long time ago. He already has his followers, he has talent by the truckload and he has been on the business for 20 years. I have no doubt in my mind, he will come back stronger than ever and will revolutionize Internet Radio like it has never been seen. I wish Luis Jimenez all of the luck, his former co-workers at WPAT-FM are doing their job and they need to support their families but they know deep inside that they are where they are TODAY because of Luis Jimenez. Hope once he has his own gig, all of his crew will follow him and be part of the revolution.

    • MannyCorazón
      July 29, 2015

      I'm totally agreed with your comments. some people called them traitors but they have families and need to work. Hope they eventually follows Luis.

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