Lynx, Bachata Singer & Aventura Collaborator, Talks New Album, ‘Dosis De Mi’


Bachata singer and Aventura collaborator Lynx, otherwise known as Ralphy Mata, released his first album, “Dosis de Mí,” on Nov. 25.

Mata also shared his desire to change the traditional genre as a Latino millennial, as well as a heartfelt thank you letter to his fans with Latin Post.

“My album, ‘Dosis De Mí’ is an album that I worked on diligently and put together with high aspirations. I pride myself in lyricism and originality because it shows the true potential of an artist,” he shared with Latin Post. “This album is more of an introduction to who I am, and what I have to offer. I can’t sit down in the studio and record something that you are used to hearing, this is my story and I’m going to share it with 100 percent authenticity.”

What can fans expect from his new album rhythmically and lyrically?

“‘Dosis De Mí’ also introduces you to dark bachata and in-character storylines through the song ‘Pena de Muerte.’ I do not believe that songwriters should be limited when it comes to creating and this is a perfect example of that,” he explained. “Out of box creations are eternally engraved in my mind and I am only getting started. Change is good, and I think that the genre of bachata needs it, in order to keep moving forward.”

In October of 2013, Mata released his debut single, “Máscara” featuring Aventura’s bachata legend Lenny Santos, which was embraced by bachata lovers and overall by fans of Latin music. In early 2014, Mata released his second single, “Mi Debilidad,” which was also well-received by fans and radio personalities from Miami to Orlando and New York for its “lyrical distinctiveness.”

Inspired by other Latin artists, such as Romeo Santos and Prince Royce, the Bronx native, who is of Dominican and Ecuadorian descent, is bringing his own style and message, which includes being a supporter and advocate for those with disabilities. His beloved brother, Leonardo, is both autistic and blind, which has given him a unique and compassionate outlook on life.

Also in August 2014, Mata also released a touching single dedicated to Leonardo called “Somos Uno.”

“I have seen cases where there are people who have a loved one who has special needs or is disabled, but they are ashamed and embarrassed to say it publicly,” Mata told Latin Post in an earlier interview. “It’s a shame that it’s like that, but I wanted to get through to them with this song, so I used myself as an example.”

Mata, who also draws from his parents’ taste in music in a household surrounded by more traditional style bachata, merengue and cumbia, also learned a great sense of gratitude from his family, which he in turn reflected to his loyal fans.

“I am sending this letter out to thank you for being a part of my journey. Thanking you for opening your doors to me and giving me the opportunity to share my art through you,” Mata shared in a heartfelt letter with Latin Post. “No matter what happens in my musical career, I will never forget those who have given me a fair shot from the very beginning. As cliché as it may sound, you have been instrumental to my growth as an artist; I thank you for that.”

“I don’t know what the future holds but if it leads me to a Latin Grammy win, remember that you had everything to do with it. Working with you has been an amazing experience, definitely a learning process for me,” he added. “I’ve always been the shy type but your help has given me the hammer to crack through the shell,” he explained. “A lot of people will probably ignore my talent or downplay my potential but I will never give up and your support has motivated me to keep at it. If I am fortunate enough to become a household name, remember this: You saw the potential.”

–Courtesy of Latin Post

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