Maluma has made social networks burn thanks to the post he has published on his official Instagram account. It is a video in which the Colombian appears sitting in front of a lake singing what will be his next single. He hasn’t confirmed either the date or the name yet, but his fans are already starting to speculate.

After his collaboration with Anitta in El Que Espera, the singer wants to stay on top of the wave and that his audience does not disengage from their social networks. This time he has made all his fans go crazy with the advance and part of the lyrics of what will be his next hit.

“#28 We let her go..?? Just for sport…”, with these words he has revealed that he has already prepared his new song. “Before I didn’t have Na, we’re fine now. I got used to seeing only 100 pa’ bills to fight if there is no one with whom the bad vibes may rest in peace, amen,” Maluma sings in this video.

As is characteristic of him, the Colombian likes to refer to his first steps in music when he had nothing in his portfolio, comparing it with the success he has cultivated in recent years. “Don’t worry, the baby of the babys has arrived The pretty boy who makes your cat scream oh my blessed God oh my blessed God …”, verses like these could not be missing, where it stands out that he is the boy who takes all the women .

Something that has not confirmed or denied is a possible collaboration on this issue that is about to see the light. What has made us doubt are the ellipses after saying “we let go”, because it seems that the name of another artist is missing.

In the post he only mentions two producers and composers who have collaborated with him in the creation of the song, but he has not said if another colleague will perform this song with him.

How could it be otherwise, his fans are already creating their own conclusions. Many say that it is a mix between Magic and 23. Others say that it is the continuation of 23, since four years have passed and Maluma has written “28” in the description of the clip.

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