Manuel Turizo is unstoppable. After becoming an exponent of the urban movement, the Colombian singer has conquered the international market with La Bachata, a hit that drinks from the genre that was born in the Dominican Republic. He is now touring different corners of the world and during his stop in Madrid, in addition to making us dance at the LOS40 Urban Stage, he stopped by the LOS40 Global Show to talk with Tony Aguilar about his new album and his latest collaborations.

“I make the songs with the same affection and the same enthusiasm, but it is always surprising when a song begins to connect with the public. Before releasing it I already liked it, but I did not expect this. It began to grow and, suddenly, it left the hands”.

“I have been a fan of bachata since I was very young. I listened to Juan Luis Guerra, Aventura, Romeo Santos. In music I have not followed a completely straight line. I did urban pop, ballads and reggaeton. I like to do everything and go through styles. In my personal playlist I have all kinds of genres and when it comes to making music I try to do the same”.

“I feel that it is brutal. The inspiration comes from the origin of bachata. We are a group of artists who are influenced by bachata from the Dominican Republic. It influences all Hispanics and we are seeing what to change and propose new in the genre, such as C Tangana, Rosalía and myself. In my case it is based on the classical elements, but we distort the guitar and play with it in the studio”.

“It’s going to be titled 2000 because it’s the year I was born and also because on this album I wanted to take various musical references, I wanted to implement what inspired me and has ended up creating the musical identity of Manuel Turizo. People identify me with the urban , but I like all music. Instead of taking the sounds that are in, I wanted to take the sounds that I grew up with.”

“MyA’s boys are great people and singers with two pairs of balls. I met them thanks to Piso 21. They introduced us to him and we started the relationship. They sent me what came after Mal de amor and I loved it. We made some changes and it turned out brutal”.

“I’m a big fan of María Becerra. She has a lot of identity and I like the way she sings. She’s overwhelming. I wanted to do something with her and this song between romantic and sensual. I really like Ecstasy.”

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