Marc Anthony unleashes Puerto Rican passion at Concert Music Festival

Dancing to the beat of Marc Anthony and his wonderful cast of musicians was worth it. Although the concert started a little later than expected, the Latin American artist did the honors by jumping onto the Concert Music Festival stage with this success of his career. An energetic and sensual Marc Anthony sang, while blowing kisses, not only to his Puerto Rican compatriots who raised their flag in the air, but also to the rest of the public that surrendered to the artist.

With the dedication and mastery that the thirty years he has been dedicating himself to music gives him, the artist directed the musicians who accompanied him during the night like an orchestra conductor. Marc Anthony was completely fused with his musicians and was proud of the instrumental accompaniment that vibrated with the most Latin rhythms.

Making heart gestures with his hands and throwing them at his audience, a happy and emotional Marc Anthony performed And There Was Someone. The kisses that he threw to his fans sounded throughout the venue, causing the public to go crazy and try to catch them in the air. An energetic Marc Anthony encouraged attendees by yelling, “Don’t feel it! Don’t hear it!” At the same time he clapped his hands in the air to the beat of the public to warm up the atmosphere. No one could be still before the Latin rhythms that the Puerto Rican artist and his musicians unfolded on stage. percussion, string, wind; instruments were not lacking to accompany the King of salsa. Marc Anthony is a faithful ambassador of his culture, the Puerto Rican; as it could be read on his shirt “Boricua East Harlem”. Once again, the Latin American artist showed that Caribbean rhythms run through his veins.

Between so much dancing there was time for love and heartbreak with Until yesterday, a song that is included in the second album of the Puerto Rican singer called Todo a la tiempo de el. To perform this song he was accompanied by his battle partner on stage, guitarist Mario Sebastián Guini; who scored a guitar solo with sublime elegance and demonstrating the complicity he has with Marc Anthony on stage.

Latin rhythms were here to stay and the King of Salsa wanted to party, just like his audience. Joking with his fans, he moved from one side of the stage to the other looking for where the party was. “It seems to me that the party is on this side (he was moving to the right). You don’t feel it here (he moved to the left of the stage)”. At that moment of rapprochement with the public, he managed to pick up a poster that read “I love you Marc”, something that touched the artist and sent him a kiss again. Marc Anthony was generous and did not stop giving kisses to those present; although it was not enough for everyone, since the Concert Music Festival Auditorium concentrated thousands of people on Monday night. From the stage he mentioned that he saw flags from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Cuba; and he took the opportunity to greet all of them. After this section, Marc Anthony became romantic again to perform Flor pálida, a song from his 3.0 album.

With a lot of instrumental music, especially percussion, he delved into the lyrics of Contra la Corriente before interpreting Hold me tight, with which the public surrendered passionately singing in chorus with the artist. This song was just the prelude to the success of José Luis Perales, and what is he like? Portrayed by Marc Anthony. On some occasions, in interviews, the artist has confessed that “I was always fascinated by that masterpiece” and that fascination led him to make a very personal interpretation with which he captivated the public present.

With these songs “we are done with the ballads of sadness and whining” the artist joked. Shouting immediately: “How delicious! Do you want sauce? And so, totally dedicated and yelling at the public: “Hands up, my people!” he delivered himself to a crazy public with his success What a price has heaven and Mala.

Marc Anthony wanted to party and so did those present. He already warned him with his new tour, that “if there is a Pa’lla Voy party” and with a lot of dancing he gave himself to his public; and vice versa. Palms and arms in the air, with energy and good vibes, he let himself be carried away by the rhythms of the lyrics that give his name to his tour. I know you well and They look like Friday, were the themes with which the party continued. He had come to enjoy and transmit it to his public. “You can’t hear, you can’t feel! Come those hands up! ”, He encouraged his fans to dance and enjoy with him.

And the end of the party came, he had to leave, but his audience wouldn’t let him. Like a complete Don Juan, he continued to send kisses and hearts to those present, while they asked him for more songs. With the theme Tu amor me bien and under the Carpe Diem philosophy with its success Vivir la vida, the Puerto Rican-American artist said goodbye together with his musicians, but not before exclaiming: “Long live the Latin race!”; leaving for the memory a fabulous night of latinos.

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