Mike Vives

Miguel Angel Alicea Vives, real name of the singer (MIKE Vives), began the dream of being in front of thousands of people singing and performing in 1997 in his native Puerto Rico. In 1998 to 2000 working with different producers reggaeton genre writing topics and parts thereof for HECTOR Y TITO singers, ALBERTO STYLE AND NICKY JAM.

Leaving everything behind Mike begins to take new steps in sacred music in 2002 in the genre of reggaton, leading with his fellow street style more real, but with words of faith and messages of hope to youth without losing touch that characterized. Productions like VIP CHAPTER 3 RESURRECTION AND L-GI2 (ELECT) the latter being its own production of the growth were MIKE Vives in music both studio and live.

2006 Mike had an offer to write again popular music without knowing who it would be the step to start a new musical project called “THE LEADERS” Yenziel & MIKE. They quickly slipped on the internet tracks like “FOLLOW ME” and “ME THE SAME DA” placing this duo as one of the favorites on the island of enchantment. 2008 brought many fruits as the topic with video “SINNER” led them to a new level musical breaking through among the great artists of the genre at the time and innovating with tropical sounds and great vocal harmony. Her second single ” SHE CALLED ME ” with this issue took another leap over what would be a flood of submissions in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Canada and the USA.

After six years with the duo, Mike decides to start his new role as soloists, and he was the composer of previous successes. MIKE Vives is working on their new singles with similar sounds to the most important Latin artists creating their own touch that characterizes in urban Latin music. Mike is a new figure of Latin music with tropical and urban, a great performance, with great force and charisma that characterizes it to be unique in its motion pop rhythms.

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