My Life with Sábado Gigante 

As a young boy living in Paterson, NJ I could never understand why not matter what I was doing or where I was I was found myself coming home to watch Sábado Gigante. Every Saturday night it was my grandmother and me ready to start our 3 hour long show of music, news, comedy and fun. My parents were young Latinos who had me at an early age and had to work to better themselves so I was raised by my grandparents for a good part of my life. So the connection that me and my grandmother had during the show was priceless, at the age I wasn’t really in to Spanish stuff or watching 3 hours shows. I was in to running around, video games, junk food, and just being a young teenager but no matter what Sábado Gigante still won me over.

As I think back Don Francisco and friends really helped me understand family, culture and my passion for music and entertainment. It is hard for me to believe that after 53 years the show will come to an end this weekend, and in all actuality I haven’t watched the show in years then the less with my grandmother. So this Saturday I will be with my grandmother waiting for 8pm so I can say hello and goodbye for one last time to Don Francisco oh and our favorite personality El Chacal De La Trompeta. If I was able to say anything to Don Francisco it would be thank you for all great memories and thank you for connecting me with my grandmother and allowing me to have something to share with her.

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