Natti: “reggaeton is the new pop”

The singer Natti Natasha defines herself as an empowered woman, as she has fought to fulfill all her dreams, including dedicating herself to music and interpreting the song “Mayor que yo”, by Wisin & Yandel, the one she sang in her room when she was a child. .

“In my case, the empowered woman is the one who dares to do a song like ‘Mayor que tú’, invite Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel, legends of the genre and who, moreover, are on their last tour; being a mother, addressing issues within my work that I didn’t touch so much before, and having growth, both personally and professionally”, explains Natti Natasha to Reporte Indigo during a meeting with the press.

Being able to bring together her youthful musical idols and make a new version of her involved a great challenge in creating a fusion of reggaeton with more genres that inspire her at the moment.

“I come wilder, it was a moment of rebelling, taking me to a more active, happy and daring tone, I don’t know if I could get more daring than I already am, but I feel that it is with a different color, with sounds that I had not played before, that’s why I love it, I’m a fan of reggaeton”, says the Dominican singer.

For this occasion, Natti was in charge of producing and arranging a large part of the song, which she decided to season with bachata, a fusion that had not been done for a long time, nor heard from a woman’s point of view. .

“It is an evolution and a learning moment to show myself what I can give. I am very grateful to work with people I admire, not only for their talent, but for their quality of person, to learn from them, because they defended the genre, they are an example to follow, ”she explains.

For the interpreter it was a challenge to choose a rhythm as iconic as reggaeton, because whenever she listened to it she saw the adrenaline and the joy of the people, but that, in addition, has been in controversy; even, many years ago, when it first emerged, it was banned for a time in the Dominican Republic.

However, currently it has been so well received by the people that the singer indicates that it is the new pop, due to its popularity among the new generations.

“It is a great achievement for all the artists who have been defending reggaeton for so long, it has grown a lot due to those fusions that we have dared to do, not only remains in reggaeton, but it is mixed with cumbia, house, merengue, bachata, uniting cultures has made it grow; artists of other genres have wanted to collaborate with reggaeton players and that promotes freedom of expression and is more accepted, ” Natti says.

The singer predicts that reggaeton will continue to grow because its exponents have made more mergers, which have expanded to other corners that, perhaps, other genres have not achieved, which is why Natasha says that reggaeton is synonymous with the Latin movement.

“We are a community that strongly supports each other, as a family, nothing is stopping us, it is not consuming music from another language, because we support what is ours,” she says.

Finally, the singer anticipates that an EP will be released next year, of which she cannot give details, but that it will have a Mexican collaboration.

“I like to challenge myself, I always want to go to the next level, I don’t see it as something stressful, I like to test myself, but enjoying the process, because if we don’t enjoy it, the passion is not there. I try to stay a fan of the music I make so I can come up with ideas,” she reflects.

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