Natti Natasha responds emphatically to the accusations of being unfaithful to Raphy Pina

In recent months, Natti Natasha has had to face many comments about the situation in which her partner Raphy Pina finds himself, who has been serving a prison sentence for illegal possession of weapons since May. But if there is an accusation that the reggaeton player is not willing to tolerate, it is that she is being unfaithful to the father of her daughter…

In an Instagram live that the Dominican singer did, one of the connected users asked her who she was getting intimate with now that her husband is in prison. A comment that she did not ignore and that she decided to address to make clear what she thinks about infidelity and this type of message that she receives.

“With nobody, because I’m not like you. I’m with my husband because I love and respect him. If I didn’t cheat on him outside, I’m going to do it much less now that he’s inside,” the artist began. that he could not avoid sending a message to the user who asked this malicious question: “People like you cannot judge, the thief judges by his condition.”

“You can tell that your little horns have hit you, that you are hurt. I understand you, that is bad when they cheat on you, they have been unfaithful to me before. I understand your pain,” added Natti Natasha.

“I accompany you in your feelings if women mess with you and always cheat on you, Marcos, you’re wrong. I’m going to pray for you so that they stop cheating on you,” she commented in a mocking tone to conclude.

This moment has not gone unnoticed by the followers of the “Sin Pijama” interpreter nor by her partner Raphy Pina, who shared the video on her social networks under the following description: “Marcos got hot water. Natti is yours , but Natalia is mine, so we divided, but not completely. Calmly, so that it doesn’t happen to them as it happened to Marcos. I love you my #Lokita”.

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