Pablo Alborán will present on the Island his new concert “Gira de Teatros”

The Spanish singer-songwriter Pablo Alborán will present his new concert “Gira de Teatros” in Puerto Rico, a scenic proposal in which he approaches his wide repertoire from its purest form, also allowing himself an intimate approach with the public.

It is a musical show designed for theaters or small venues that will have its date on the Island on Wednesday, November 23, at 8:00 pm, at the Coca-Cola Music Hall in the TMobile District. Tickets for this production by Osvaldo Rocafort for Lana Productions will be on sale at Ticketera.

The artist, who has already started this tour of his native Spain with great success, will share with the audience all the hits with which his voice has traveled the world in a double format: First, he will be accompanied only by the piano and second, he will invite his musicians to join him in what is anticipated to be a lavish evening. The acoustics, personality and history of the theaters and auditoriums in which he will perform will be key to unravel, song by song, before his most faithful followers, the artist’s immersive and detailed musical journey.

Pablo Alborán, as part of this tour, visits Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic this year.

These concerts are so free and spontaneous, that anything can happen“, the Malaga native commented on his social networks in the middle of this tour that takes him to the stage with the guarantee of extraordinary acoustics for taking place in small spaces. It is an ideal combination for this reunion with the public after the break of the past two years.

Theatre Tour” is, without a doubt, a unique proposal in which the singer-songwriter will enter into a unique complicity with his followers, having in his romantic compositions the best point of connection for him.

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