Plan B Dishes Out On Their New Album “La Formula”

Plan B

Plan B

Wearing fancy shades and dressed casually in jeans and sneakers, the reggaeton stars calmly exited their SUV’s flanked by a throng of security. The two were ready to introduce hundreds of waiting fans at Queen’s club Glazz to the new sounds of Plan B.
“I think by now we know exactly what the Plan B fans want to hear,” Plan B singer Chencho told Fox News Latino.
“It is the essence of real reggaeton,” he added.
Along with fellow reggaetoners Zion y Lennox, RKM & Ken-Y, Arcangel and Lobo,the duo released “La Formula.” The album, released this week, already tops the charts on Amazon and iTunes in its Urban Latin Music categories.
Chencho, whose real name is Orlando Javier Valle Vega and Maldy, whose real name is Edwin Vázquez Vega are partners and producers in Plan B. They are also cousins.
The two became popular after releasing their album “El Mundo Del Plan B: Los Que La Montan,” which translates to “The World of Plan B: The Ones who Ride Them” in 2002,” which featured collaborations with fellow reggaeton superstars including Daddy Yankee.
Chencho says collaborating with other artists is “a responsibility artists have and owe to the fans,” adding that it is something Plan B takes pride in and has been able to do in this new album as well.
“I’m really happy to be sharing this project with my colleagues. Collaborating with different artists has been part of our journey [musically] and in the past we have had the pleasure of working with major mover and shakers in reggaeton such as Don Omar and Tego Calderón.”
“La Formula” includes Plan B’s single “Se cree mala” about “women who think they are bad girls and that mentality lifts their self-esteem,” Chenco said.
In the new record, Chencho says Plan B collaborated with Arcangel and Daddy Yankee in the introductory track titled “La Formula Sigue.”
“We wanted the visual aspects of the song to be just as exuberant as it is when you listen to the lyrics of the song,” Chencho said. “In the music video you will see us, as us Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) say ‘frontin’,’ and showing off how our hard work has paid off.”
Recently, shortly before their Queens performance, Chencho reflected on the “major growth” the group has had since their first album.
“As a duo we have matured and grown so much in this album,” Chencho told Fox News Latino. “We always make the time to spend with our fans. We have traveled to many places, seen many things and have been influenced by so many different styles of music.”

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