Prince Royce Double Vision Review

Prince Royce Double Vision Album is finally here, the artist first crossover album was released on July 24, 2015. This is Prince Royce first entire English album, yes he does feature a couple of Latin Artist but they are also two of the biggest Top 40 artist that are also dominating the English market (Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull). The Dominican Bachata Superstar who is now working on becoming Dominican Bachata/Top 40 Superstar released a total of 16 tracks in his debut album. Royce who from day one has always included English in his Bachata writing and who is also one of the key components in taking Bachata to the next level in the US is joining Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez in the crossover market. On his latest album Royce teams up with Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, Tyga, and Kid Ink in creating anticipated crossover debut. Overall the album is nothing less then what you would expect from Royce with his creative lyrics and his passionate voice he once again out did himself.

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