Prince Royce: “I am in a moment of healing, reunion and rebirth”

When Prince Royce began his musical career, he was just an elementary school boy who did not have many expectations. He actually released an album with songs that he composed during his constant trips on the subway train when he was still living with his parents in the Bronx, New York.

Don Ramón Rojas, a Dominican taxi driver, and Ángela de León, a talented Dominican stylist, were those parents who always promoted and supported their little Geoffrey’s dreams of singing, who began doing it at school and in small competitions.

He sought his great opportunity himself, the first thing he did was download music tracks from the internet to put rhythm to his lyrics, until he met someone who offered him the opportunity of a lifetime. He decided to use the money he earned selling cell phones and his path began to take shape and without realizing it he began to live his dream.

Fame fell on him suddenly and overnight he was already a celebrity. He had to leave his house to face the monster of fame and start recording and promoting his art. Never before has he been able to go to a disco just being Geoffrey. He did it for the first time when he was already the famous Prince Royce.
The day he first visited us at the Los Angeles Times newsroom in 2011, he did so wearing a beige beret, and under his curious look there was a smile that didn’t fit on his face. Royce was about to make his debut at his first awards show on the Univision network. That’s been 11 years and the same program that first presented him with his hit “Stand By Me”, to the rhythm of bachata, very recently received him as its main host.

To get there, Prince Royce had to go through more than a decade of experience to become the true “Prince of Bachata“, although there is another out there who calls himself that long before him.

He lived great emotions, placed his songs in the first places of popularity at an international level, imposed a musical style with instruments that traditional bachateros did not use, performed duets with the biggest stars of Latin music, was coach of La Voz Kids and won competition twice. He knew love, but also betrayal and disappointment, but he continued on his way to remain in the seat of honor with his unique style. Today Prince Royce is about to start an anthology concert tour of the United States entitled Classic Tour, where his audience will be able to learn about his career and his legacy in a meteoric and ascending musical career. Audiences in Los Angeles and many other cities across the United States are eagerly awaiting him to decipher his anthology.

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