Puerto Rico to Honor its Musical Greats

Puerto Rico will build a Puerto Rican Music Hall of Fame Museum to honor the island’s outstanding composers, singers and musicians, under a law signed Monday by Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla.

Recognition is to be given to musical pieces dedicated to love and the island and its landscapes, including songs such as “En mi Viejo San Juan,” “Preciosa,” “Verde Luz,” “Campanitas de Cristal,” and “Las caras lindas,” among others.

“The museum will be a venue to keep alive the memory of composers and interpreters, soloists, groups or orchestras who have contributed to Puerto Rico’s musical history,” the legislation says.

The museum will be located in a building currently under the jurisdiction of the Puerto Rican Culture Institute, or ICP, the Recreation and Sport Department, the Industrial Promotion Company or some other government entity.

ICP will retain overall responsibility for the project.

“The museum will be a sacred space where the memory of those who knew how to convey the very essence of what it means to be Puerto Rican means will be glorified and remembered,” the law says. EFE

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