Q&A with Artist Vanessa Ayala

Q: Who inspired you to become an artist?
A: In art the artists that have inspired me to become an artist and have shaped the style of art I create are: Andy Warhol, Kat Von D, Kehinde Wiley, John Singer Sargent.
In music the artists that have inspired me to become an artist and have shaped the style of music I create are:
Romeo Santos / Aventura, Aaliyah, Selena, La India, Monchy Y Alexandra, Binomio de Oro

Q: You have been getting so much attention for mixing your art and your passion of music together. How did this idea come about?
A: As an artist it has always been a dream of mine to combine aspects of my creativity together, music is a wonderful way to express my love for singing,  incorporate artistic visuals and fashion. I have also been inspired by the artist Kat Von D, she’s a visual artist but she has also expanded into music, fashion and makeup she is an overall artistic entrepreneur. 

Q: What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment as an artist so far?
A: In art one of my biggest accomplishments so far was when Latina Magazine shared my art on their instagram page. 

In music one of my biggest accomplishments so far was recording an English & Spanish EP with the indie label 2Strong Music who also worked with great artists like Prince Royce, Xtreme and Aventura. 

Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off?
A: Even in my time off i enjoy singing, i enjoy art galleries, i love going out dancing, i could watch tons of movies in a row and i love walking around and shopping. 

Q: Favorite Latin Dish?
A: When it comes to Latino food I’m obsessed with Colombian empanadas I can’t get enough. 

Q: Do you have any advice for other artist that need a little motivation or inspiration on making it in this business?
A: I am still working very hard to “make it” in this business but If i could offer any advice for other artists who need a little motivation or have been inspired by what I have accomplished so far it would be to work on your craft, take risks, dive deep into the concepts of positive thinking and be thoughtful when it comes to creating your art 

Q: When painting one of your artworks what type of music do you listen to motivate you?
A: When creating one of my artworks i might even be in the music studio at the same time going over my own music while the instruments are being recorded or worked on. As a singer creatively working in music sometimes I don’t mind moments in silence or i’ll listen to documentaries. 

Q; Where do you see your career in the next 3 years?
A: In my Music career over the next 3 years I see myself creating new music, music videos, songwriting, gigging, touring, connecting with other artists and sharing my music. 

In my Artistic career over the next 3 years I see myself creating new art, showing in galleries, possibly having my own gallery, expanding my art onto clothing and creating concepts for photoshoots. 

Q: Any new music projects coming soon that you can tell us about?
A: Over the past year i have been working 2 separate music projects and I’m very excited to say that I have 2 EP’s coming out this year, a pop soul EP in English and an Urban Bachata in both English & Spanish. 

Q: Favorite place in the world to travel too?
A: I have yet to travel more but at the moment my favorite places to travel to is where my best friends are. 

Q: Favorite moment of 2017?
A: My favorite moment of 2017 was creating my music video for my first single Sacrifice. I incorporated my art in the video and painted a large wings mural in relation to the chorus lyrics “spread my wings” 

Q: Top 3 songs on your playlist?
Hoja en blanco – Monchy y Alexandra
Mi mayor venganza – India
At your best – Aaliyah
Q: Top 3 favorite artist?

In Music:
Romeo Santos

In Art:
Kehinde Wiley
John Singer Sargent
Andy Warhol

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