Raphy Pina sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison

After postponing the sentence several times, Raphy Pina, the renowned producer and manager of urban music artists who was exposed to a maximum of 20 years in prison, was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

The judge of the federal court of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Francisco Besosa, read the sentence to the promoter, owner of Pina Records, after being found guilty of the crimes of illegal possession of weapons. He will also have to serve three more years of supervised release, in addition to a $150,000 fine.

The trial against Raphy Pina began in December of last year and since then he could only leave his house for work-related matters and to meet with his lawyers.

The current husband of singer Natti Natasha — who, due to his status as an ex-convict after being convicted of bank fraud and money laundering in 2015, said last night, in a live video posted on his social networks, that he was “calm” in his face to his sentence. “I feel super calm. Getting ready with my family, “said Pina in the video that he posted on his Instagram profile.

This time he was facing charges of illegal possession of a modified weapon and illegal possession of a firearm.

Confident that he would come out on top, Raphy Pina arrived at the federal courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Tuesday morning where he said he just wanted to be able to return to his family. Before the news cameras Pina confessed that “the strongest thing I have right now is the family, the family is with me in good times and bad. That is where it is shown who is the person who is supporting one, also the public, the press, all the loved ones, my mother who is in her little house praying too, all the people who are praying”.

Once in court he read a letter in which he begged for a sentence to be imposed that would avoid a prison sentence, just as his defense requested.

Today I ask you to allow me to return to my family, who is waiting for me… They are waiting for their father and the woman I love, also come home with them. Allow me to continue being the present father and continue guiding my children in each of the stages of growth and, above all, have the family warmth that is my true engine to continue building the well-being of many families. Let me see my daughter learn to walk,” Raphy Pina said with his voice cracking.

The promoter has been revealing since yesterday that in addition to his sentence, this day was a complicated and emotional one for him because today also marks the 22nd anniversary of the death of his father.

Now his defense, led by lawyers María Domínguez and Francisco Rebollo, will be in charge of appealing the verdict before the First Circuit of Boston. Ralphy Pina must remain in jail while the appeal proceeds

The 41-month sentence, imposed by Besosa, is at the top of the guidelines offered by the present report, taking into account Pina’s criminal history and the seriousness of the crime.

According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Ralphy Pina Nieves, knowing that he had been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year, possessed “a Glock pistol, model 19, caliber 9 mm; a Smith & Wesson, model SD40, .40 caliber and 526 rounds total of live ammunition, including 148 rounds of .40 caliber pistol ammunition, 123 rounds of .357 caliber pistol ammunition, 3 rounds of .45 caliber pistol ammunition , 170 rounds of .25 caliber pistol ammunition, 3 cartridges of 5.7 caliber pistol ammunition, 35 cartridges of 7.62 caliber rifle ammunition, 18 cartridges of 7.92 caliber rifle ammunition, 1 cartridge of 12 caliber shotgun ammunition and 25 cartridges of 9mm caliber pistol ammunition,” published the Puerto Rico Department of Justice.

The Glock pistol, Model 19, 9mm caliber that Pina Nieves owned was a machine gun, since it was modified to fire more than one shot, without manual reloading, through a single function of the trigger.

After his sentence, Pina turned himself in on Tuesday afternoon to the bailiffs of the District Court, who will transfer him to prison.

Domínguez requested that Pina be admitted to the Pensacola penitentiary, in the state of Florida, to which the judge agreed subject to corroborating that the institution complies with the security measures required for those convicted of violent crimes.

Daddy Yankee, a close friend of the businessman, came to the Court to support him and said that “We are with him supporting him. He is a man who provides employment, he is a person who is always employing many Puerto Ricans, a humanitarian, he is always helping everyone. We will continue forward. No matter what happens, we will always be there.”

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