Rauw Alejandro: “I have crazy chemistry with Rosalía in the studio”

Rauw Alejandro has been full of praise for his partner, Rosalía, in the presentation of ‘Saturno’, his new album. In an interview with Zane Lowe in the Apple Music studio, the Puerto Rican has assured that his complicity with the Catalan singer is total. In fact, he has recognized that the artist has made him grow as a professional. In addition, he has stated that his personal coexistence is perfect.

Inspiration is one of the words that appears the most in the interview. Rauw Alejandro has not hesitated to explain that Rosalía has been a great influence on him. “You can say that she inspires me a lot. Last year, she inspired me a lot to make music. I learned with her and she learned with me”, he has commented.

In addition, he has explained that he has decided to refine his voice after speaking with Rosalía: “I have been taking singing classes, thanks to my girl. She always says: ‘You have to practice more’. Okay, yes I will, because she practices her voice every day with her teacher. It’s crazy, man, she inspires!”, has asserted.

Many of his followers claim that they both make a song together. Anyway, none of them want to speed things up. “We’re not rushing to make music together because you live with that person. You’re not in a rush, I know when the time comes, we’re going to do a great, great job. We have a lot of ideas in our house and we hope they get out into the world,” he said. affirmed Rauw Alejandro.

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