If you have a TikTok account, you will know by heart the chorus of Punto 40, the last great hit by Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro and one of the songs of the moment. It may be that outside of this social network you have not heard it so many times or that you would have never even seen it live. Well, that’s going to change right now. Because, in case you couldn’t follow live the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammy Awards that was held last night in Las Vegas and you missed the show from Puerto Rico, here we bring it to you for you to enjoy.

Rauw Alejandro, who returned home without a golden gramophone, offered a show worthy of the event. The urban artist spared no expense or effort and displayed all his artillery on the tables of the Michelob Ultra Arena.

Dressed in a long silver trench coat in the purest interstellar style —something that is part of the new identity with which he promotes his recently released album Saturno— Rauw Alejandro appeared on stage mounted on an elevator and surrounded by screens that transported the spectators to the outer space.

To warm up the audience at the Latin Grammys, Rauw Alejandro started singing Desesperados, one of his biggest hits of the year, and then, through a spaceship, the one from Puerto Rico gave way to Lejos del cielo, from here he made the leap to what seemed an eighties show. Rauw sang from a stage more than once, already accompanied by a dance group made up of eight dancers, and after this, came the highlight of his performance: the staging of Punto 40, the song with which he is sweeping the world. the world thanks, only in part, to a TikTok challenge.

The opening of this song was pure hip-hop. A group of dancers dressed in black jumpsuits and wearing a white mask surprised the public in Las Vegas by dancing break dance so that Rauw immediately appeared on stage and sang the song that all his fans were wanting to hear dressed in an XXL silver suit. . Of course, Rauw did not reach the chorus that is so loved on Tiktok, so the fans of this song were left unable to see the steps that they have repeated so many times since Punto 40 premiered on September 24. ©copyright los40.com

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