Raw Leiba

Raw Leiba
Raw Leiba

Raw Leiba was born in New Jersey to a Brazilian mother and an African American/Native American father. His father  was a US Army veteran and served with the famed Tuskegee Airmen in WWII. After playing both football and basketball at Arizona State University, Leiba made a brief stint as a NFL practice squad player.  Transitioning into acting, Leiba appeared in several commercials before landing a role as the high school teacher Orlando Vega on the short-lived TV series, THE SYSTEM. Later, Leiba was cast as CAVE, the bodyguard of Russell “Stringer”Bell played by Idris Elba on the Peabody award-winning HBO series, THE WIRE.

Since then, Leiba has worked on several major motion pictures (G-FORCE, LIMITLESS,EMBER DAYS, THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST, THE SITTER), and with highly-acclaimed actors  Robert DeNiro, Neil Patrick Harris, Bradley Cooper,Jonah Hill,Sam Rockwell, Ving Rhames, Nicolas Cage, and his friend Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson.

Desiring even more creative challenges, Leiba has recently stepped into the role of producer on the feature films THE ASCENSION, starring Corbin Bernsen (LA LAW,THE DENTIST), and THE LEGEND OF HOHOKAM, starring Rudy Youngblood (APOCALYPTO) and the action dance thriller Mambo2Mambo

Carreer Highlights:
Has worked with Directors Neal Burger,Don Scardino,Ernest Dickenson,Joe Chappelle,Marcus Nispel,David Gordon Green

Favorite true life stories:
“There are 2 one is I was called by David Hurwitz to be a guest Gladiator on American Gladiators a few years back and on the way into the studio building I ran smack into Howie Mandel who was doing “Deal or No Deal there,has was running out the door ran smack into my chest and hit the ground. then I got into my outfit in the NBC Bathroom of all places my character was a Native American  and i didnt have much more then a loin cloth as clothing ,well i was using the urinal in my  Indian outfit and Ben Silverman the head of NBC walks in and uses the urinal next to me,so he looks at me while im peeing and says”You look really good” so I looked at him and said “thanks man “all while im still holding my situation,pretty funny.

The other is that i went to a Baseball game with some friends and Ted Kotcheff who is the Executive Producer of Law and Order SVU and has produced and directed some of the most Iconic films in history like Rambo-First Blood,Weekend at Bernie’s and Uncommon Valor he sat next to me and we didn’t discuss film once,not once!,how refreshing it was.

Often works with Producer/Actor Antonio Saillant (2 motion pictures) and Director Sean Michael-Argo (2 feature films)

Fan of Kenny Mayne whom he worked with on the Josh Shelov directed ESPN series Mayne Street
Friends with NBA player Lebron James and former Heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis
Worked with Americas favorite houseguest Kato Kaelin in the Seth Grossman directed “Fantastic Two”
Worked with Wrestling Manager and Cyndi Lauper video star Captain Lou Albano in Albanos last film before his death.

Has shaken hands with  3 U.S presidents (George Bush Sr,Bill Clinton and Barack Obama)

Credits  actor/producer Henry Winkler and stuntcoordinators Brian Smyj and Jeff Gibson with getting his career started.

Named the worlds fittest human by Gym Magazine in 2007
Named  one of Hollywoods Sexiest Men by ALLWOMEN STALK

Is the model for the statue of Powhatan Indian Chief Openchancanough  that sits forever on display at the Smithsonian Institutes’s Jamestown exhibit in Washington DC and the Jamestown Settlement Galleries in Jamestown Virginia

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