Resident throws “Cosquillita” tiradera in response to Cosculluela

A versus that sparks. After Cosculluella released “René resigns”, a song in which he attacked the musician René Pérez, the latter decided to respond with one of the famous tiraderas, whose popularity has increased since the controversial confrontation between Pérez himself and J Balvin.

“A guy with the delusions of a marginalized thug, raised on golf courses, with rosy cheeks, a life without mosquito bites, who c… in the village played tennis since he was a little boy. This bobolón does not know what a blackout is, he does not know what it is to bathe with cold gallon water, he does not know what it is to not even have gasoline, he does not know what it is to work at 4.25 without a tip, ”says the dump of Resident.

“Today I hit this cricket so hard that after this his family is going to change their last name. I have earned this because I am a brown rooster, mine was sweat, yours inherited, you got into this mess because I am the power plant that ignites your career, ”he sentences lines later.

The song, which has already accumulated 2 million views on YouTube, has ignited the spirits of Residente’s fans, who are waiting for a new response from Cosculluela. What will you answer? It will soon be known.

Although the controversy between the two musicians was ignited as a result of Cosculluela’s homophobic comments about the kiss between Tokischa and Villano Antillano, in reality the rivalry dates back to 2014, when Residente dedicated the song “Inside” to him, regarding which he did not admit. until 2020 that was addressed to Coscu.

It was not until Residente published a photo on Instagram with Tokischa, in support of the singer, that Cosculluela decided to dedicate a tiradera to him, in which he criticized him for his positions and his quarrels with other artists in the medium.

These are all the tiraderas that Residente has launched at different singers of the urban genre. The most controversial was against Colombian reggaeton player J Balvin, published in March 2022.

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