ROCHY RD X NICKI NICOLE X MYKE TOWERS Top The Charts And Become A Global Phenomenon Remix “ELLA NO ES TUYA REMIX”

The stellar international trio of young rappers Rochy RD, Nicki Nicole y Myke Towers has topped the charts and become a TikTok phenomenon with their irresistible single and video Ella No Es Tuya Remix (She Is Not Yours).

Just three weeks after its debut, the music video has surpassed 40 million views on YouTube and 32 million audio streams. The song is #4 on the Global Latin chart of music-discovery app Shazam, which people use to identify songs that they hear. On the global charts of other platforms, “Ella No Es Tuya Remix” is #24 on Spotify, #30 on YouTube Music Videos and #32 on YouTube Songs.

It is included on several high-profile Spotify playlists, including Viva Latino, Viral Latino and Future Hits, enjoying impressive strength in Europe, the Southern Cone and Caribbean in countries like Spain, Uruguay and Argentina (#1), Dominican Republic (#4), Panama and Chile (#5) and Peru (#6).

The track’s popularity on Spotify has been fruitful for Nicki Nicole and Rochy RD in particular. Nicki Nicolecurrently has more than 10 million monthly listeners and has officially entered the ranking of Spotify’s most listened to artists in the world. Rochy RD, has reached countries such as Chile, Peru and Spain amongst others, with more than 6 million monthly listeners on the platform since the remix’s release.

Apple Music is also reporting impressive response to this song that is highlights in its playlists such as La Fórmula, Myke Towers Essentials and The New Latin America. The remix is soaring up the charts in such countries as Spain, Argentina and Uruguay (#1), Paraguay (#4), Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru (#5).

On its release day, the video hit #1 on YouTube’s trending chart in six countries, and #2 in the United States.

“Ella No Es Tuya Remix” has been used in more than one million TikTok videos, thanks in part to the official challenge posted  by the popular user Brianda which has over 5 million views. Also, influencers like @domelipa@elrodcontreras and @naimdarrechi manifested with this challenge.

Critics have given very positive coverage to this explosive collaboration, with Billboard naming it the remix of the week, and other influential sites such as Hype of Life, Amnplify, MuseTV, and Trapeton highlighting it as well.

On this remix, the fast-rising Dominican urban artist Rochy RD is joined by two 2020 Latin GRAMMY® nominees the Argentine rapper and singer Nicki Nicole, who recently took home the award for “New Female Artist” at Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 as well as the Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers. This single is available via Sony Music Latin in a collaboration with Vulcano Music from all digital-music outlets, and the music video can be enjoyed HERE.

Myke Towers’ rapping adds street flow, while Nicki Nicole contributes a new perspective as the woman who defends her independence and refuses to let anyone control who she spends time with. The song builds to an impressive peak with the artists singing the chorus in an unusual, distinctive harmony.

Listen to “Ella Es No Tuya Remix” on your favorite platform and find out why this remix is taking the world by storm.

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