ROMBAI & FER PALACIO Release Their Single And Video “CACHONDAX”

Rombai starts the new year with the release of his new single and video Cachondax (Lustful), a collaboration with Fer Palacio. This song is available now from all digital-music outlets, and the official video can be enjoyed on Rombai’s YouTube channel.

With its mischievous lyrics, as well as its musical arrangements that mix electronica with Rombai’s signature style, this song makes it clear that party season is back: “Se pone cachonda, cuando toma, toma, toma, es un poco tímida, el alcohol le da a la nota” (She gets lustful when she drinks, drinks, drinks, she’s a little shy, the alcohol gets her high.)

Uruguay native and Rombai vocalist Fer Vázquez, guarantees that this song is perfect for partying hard: “‘Cachondax’ has a very interesting mix. It was conceived of as a no-holds-barred party song, combining the sounds of our region’s cumbia with the club-styled musicality of my great friend Fer Palacio, who is a DJ and producer. We hope you like this fusion of rhythms – it’s a banger! One hundred percent for dancing.”

A true maestro of the remix, Fer “Ferpa” Palacio has vaulted to prominence in Argentina over the past year as one of the country’s hardest-working and most prolific DJ/producers.

On this collaboration in every sense of the word, “Cachondax” shares songwriting and production credits among RombaiFer Palacio, and Dime Lauro, who also worked with Rombai on hits such as “Te Extraño :(” (I Miss You) and “Ganitas” (Urges).

Directed by Davy Space, the music video immerses us in the sunny Miami lifestyle with its models, its yachts and its exotic cars.

“Cachondax” follows in the steps of “Reconócelo” (Acknowledge It), the recent hit single by Rombai with John C that mixes urban cumbia with street-savvy hip-hop.


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