Sebastián Yatra is ready for his tour of the United States

About to begin his first solo tour of the United States, Colombian star Sebastián Yatra shares part of his dreams of reaching cities in that country for the first time, getting on a bus and, above all, enjoying the present with his admirers.

Kicking off Thursday at the Smart Financial Center in Houston, the tour will take him to San Antonio, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, New York and Boston, among other cities. It will also pass through Toronto, Canada, on September 18 and San Juan, Puerto Rico, on November 12.

Yatra has already performed in Mexico, Spain, Chile and Argentina with his Dharma Tour. At the end of October he will arrive in Colombia.

“I’m going to be in places where I’ve never been before, I’m also excited to see cities like Seattle,” Yatra said in an interview with The Associated Press by video call from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, other countries where the tour has taken him. .

Yatra is quite familiar with the concert environment in the United States after having toured with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias in 2021 and with Manuel Turizo in 2018. At this time, and after the pandemic, he especially thanks the public that is waiting for him.

“At a time when people are very affected economically, there is suddenly not the same abundance as there was before and people, however, are making an effort to get out of their pockets to come join us at a show,” he said. “It makes me feel very proud that it is not a show that is about me, but that it is about everyone and everyone who can go.”

Yatra said he was excited to be able to find the diversity of Latin American nationalities gathered in the US forums.

“It’s crazy how the Latino audience has grown in the United States,” he said. “You go to the shows and you find only people who speak Spanish for the most part and then you see many Americans who are fans of our culture and lovers of our language.”

But, above all, he is ready to enjoy the journeys between one city and another in his tour bus seeing road landscapes.

“It’s like the country where it’s used the most and this year I’m going to do it for the first time,” he said. “That is going to be a life experience that I love… it has a pool, five rooms, it has a heliport,” he added humorously about what his bus is like.

At the end of July Yatra released “Dharma +”, the deluxe version of his most recent studio album, which includes a remix of his hit “Red Heels” performed by Dutch DJ Tiësto.

“This is a song that has overcome many barriers for me, it has become one of those transversal hits, which are not just a platform or social media hit,” he said. “But it’s a song like from all over the world, grandparents love it, kids my age, teenagers, kids love it.”

“Red Heels” also has a version in English and Spanish performed by Yatra and John Legend with a video filmed in the privacy of a room in Los Angeles.

“He is an absolute legend in music, he could not be more talented and super simple, we really had a very good vibe the day we met, a very beautiful friendship was born there,” he said about Legend.

“Contigo” with Pablo Alborán is another of the songs on “Dharma +”. For this song, Alborán and Yatra filmed a video in which they play the piano in the middle of Plaza España in the center of Madrid, while the surprised public gathers around them.

Sebastián Yatra arrives at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles. Yatra released her album “Dharma” on January 28, 2022.

“I had that image in my head and I dreamed of doing that with a piano song and this song ‘Contigo’ came with Pablo,” Yatra said about the concept of the video. “Madrid is like the perfect city for that because everyone walks… people ended up arriving and they accompanied us”.

Yatra, who considers the Spaniard Alborán a friend, said he hopes his song as a whole will become a favorite among his fans.

“It’s so unique and so reaching, that I think it’s one of those songs that will accompany different people for long moments of their lives,” he said.

“It’s a theme that continues to grow and at shows when I sing it, people love it,” he said. “‘Dharma’ is an album that, once performed live, is impressive because there are many different rhythms and there is a lot to play with, a spectacular dynamic is created in the show.”

The title of “Dharma” comes from the teachings that Buddhism has given him about the present, the state of consciousness and acceptance of reality and feelings, something that Yatra, 27, tries to bring to reality.


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