Shakira releases a new song to tell her followers that “Everything will be fine”.

The Colombian premiered her new single ‘Don’t you worry‘ this Friday with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta, and it is expected to be a resounding success

Two months have passed since Shakira premiered her most recent musical success, I congratulate you, along with Rauw Alejandro, a theme for which her followers concluded that it is a dedication to her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, of whom she is separating at this time.

This June 17, it was learned that the Barranquilla premiered her new musical production called Don’t You Worry, a song in which she worked with French DJ David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas.

The Colombian shared on her Instagram account the first sections of the music video, in which she alludes to extraterrestrial life and shows a Shakira who is part of an alien investigation body, however, others point out that the video is a little more futuristic because it reveals some aspects of what Artificial Intelligence would be.



On this occasion, the interpreter of musical themes such as Don’t Wait Up and Me Enamoré came to deliver a theme with which she asks that worries be left behind, trusting that everything will turn out well in the future, stating that she wants to continue growing and gaining wisdom as projects progress.

On this occasion, the singer gets into the skin of someone who would be an important language interpreter who tries to maintain communication with interdimensional beings. Yes, it sounds illogical, but Shakira would be trying what the Colombian Mafe Walker has been mentioning in recent weeks by stating that she speaks extraterrestrial language.

Initially, the woman from Barranquilla is standing in front of a huge spaceship, from which an alien descends with whom she tries to communicate by means of signs. Visitors come to Earth to learn about the life of the beings that inhabit it. However, it is thanks to dance and music that the artist achieves full interaction with beings from another planet.

It is worth mentioning that her fans have been impressed with the power that the Colombian has to be a chameleon in each of her videos, because this time she was seen very elegantly wearing a completely red dress and stilettos, leaving aside urban outfits.

With a choreography, which she probably adapted as she has done in most of her videos because she is passionate about getting completely involved in her work, without neglecting what other experts on the subject may contribute, the video concludes with a converted Shakira in the leader of the extraterrestrial forces, with this she manages to transform into an intergalactic warrior who wears a completely metallic outfit and reveals her great capacity for dancing, because once again the body of the barranquillera is the perfect instrument to make it clear that it’s his thing.

Less than 24 hours after it was released, the clip is already close to a million views and more than 110,000 fans of the artist have indicated that it is to her total liking. The comments are also the order of the day, since some have indicated that “this collaboration comes with a nice message and leaving aside the urban that does not suit him”.

Fans of TikTok choreographies already have new material so that the Colombian singer’s new single becomes a trend on this platform.

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