Sie7etr3 the Label

In the neighborhood of Townsend and 173rd Chucky73 and Jaja became friends. Jaja saw early on that Chucky73’s sound was becoming more than music for the fellas on the block. He persuaded Chucky73 to take his music to the next level and through Jaja’s relationships they began performing in local clubs. Those performances became paying gigs and the requests for performances began coming from other states like Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and as far as New Orleans. While on the block Chucky73 had rap cyphers with other rappers with the same Latin background, a few of them became his friends. Chucky73 and Jaja decided to create a crew of artists to do shows and become a family unit named after where it all began 173rd. They took off the 1 and created Sie7etr3 the Label. The other members became Fetti031, YoungKilla73 and Dglo73.

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