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SOLO 2 the New Bachata duo from 2 Strong Music is made up of siblings, Brandon and Aldric Cruz who were both born in Manhattan, New York – both currently residing in the MECCA of Latinos, Miami, FL. SOLO 2 shares a unique bond – a synergy that has formed organically and is behind many of the greats in the industry. Although a three-year age difference exists, their goals and aspirations in perfecting their craft are mutual and these too promise to strengthen the parallel talent shared by SOLO 2.

While most kids were out playing in the streets – the two brothers recall staying indoors either studying or listening to music. SOLO 2 understands that their upbringing has allowed them to retain the essence of their chosen genre, Bachata, considering it was in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic where they spent the majority their childhood.

“As a child I (remember) finding it amazing (to see) how one song could reach so many peoples’ hearts on a personal level” – Brandon, SOLO2

“It’s truly priceless, to have someone so close and near to you – to share this journey with. It’s what helps us stay focused, driven and united as we pursue our dreams” – Aldric, SOLO2

It is all these characteristics that caught Andres ‘Dre’ Hidalgo, CEO of 2 Strong Music’s attention, who discovered them via their YouTube channel. With the solid trajectory that the 2 Strong Music brand brings to the table, one word comes to mind. Magic: Magic, is what we can expect from this union. Together these Powerhouses are recording SOLO2’s EP scheduled for a Summer 2015 release.

Solo 2 – Llevame Hasta La Luna

SOLO2 Before 2 Strong Music
It was at a young age that SOLO 2 learned of their “calling.” Both, Brandon and Aldric were truly fascinated by “a fan’s reaction” – as they describe this moment, it was then where they knew they had to commit to their craft.
SOLO2 knew then what they are actively working on now, and that is that they had a responsibility, a commitment to their craft. With the help and support of their parents both Brandon and Aldric have a solid foundation in the arts; both took Guitar, Acting and Music lessons as young adolescents but they knew their passion lied in singing.
Musical Influences? They both enjoy the likes of Linkin Park and Sin Bandera – a blend that they have fused and bring to their country’s folk and popular genre, Bachata.

“It is truly a blessing to be able to express and interpret your feelings by way of music.” – SOLO 2

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