Solo 2 Exclusive Q&A

Q: Every Artist has a dream/goal in there career such as having a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden. What is your dream/goal?
Well it would definitely be amazing to have a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden it’s definitely a goal we are hoping to achieve one day . But we feel like are dream is already coming true. As kids we’ve always wanted to get our music out there, and the feedback we’ve been receiving so far has been awesome.

Q: If you would have never made it big or had a hit single what else would you be doing in your career?
Honestly we can’t see ourselves doing anything else but music. So we would still be making music, giving up is not part of our vocabulary lol.

Q: What type of music do you enjoy listening to before getting ready for an event?
We actually listen to various genres but I would have to say since Sin Bandera is a huge influence on how we sing together. We normally like listening and watching videos of them performing before an event.

Q: Who are your top favorite Latin Artist?
Again I would have to say Sin Bandera is one of our top favorite Latin Artist.

Q: In this business we get very few days off.  When you get time to get away what do you do on your time off?
We love playing video games, catching up on tv shows and spending time with our family.

Q: Where did the name Solo 2 come from?
We picked this name as a reminder that no matter what we will always stick together, also to keep us humble and remind us everything we went through together to get where we are now. We really can’t see ourselves doing this career without each other.

Q: If there was any other genre you would like to cross over to which would it be and why?
Well actually all the different types of genres we like are integrated in our style of music, such as pop, rock and of course bachata, but at the same time we would love to make music with other artists in different genres.

Q: What can you say has been your greatest accomplishment in your career so far?
Honestly this is all very new to us and  just the fact that we released our single and is being received so well is a great accomplishment for us, but we are definitely excited for our future and all the accomplishments to come.

Q: Any information on any upcoming projects or new music that your working on you can share with us?
Our music video for Llevame Hasta La Luna is actually coming out soon and we are also are working on new music so definitely stay tuned.

Q: What do you like about is a great website it’s always updated with the latest news in the latino music industry and especially how it promotes new talent.

Q: What makes you guys different from any other Bachata group?
Besides the fact that we are a duo. We believe we bring a new sound and style to the bachata genre thanks to our musical influences.

Q: How did you guys come up with the idea for Llevame Hasta La Luna?
Well it’s really about that moment in your life when you find someone incredible and your just so in love with them it just takes you to another world. That’s pretty much the idea we had when making this song.

Q: Any words of advice for other artist who are trying to make it to the level that you guys have risen to?
We believe that no matter what do not give up on your dreams and what you love doing and of course always believe in yourself.

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