Sony Music CEO Doug Morris Is ‘Rooting For Jay Z and Tidal to Succeed’

Much was made on the web today (May 29) of the possibility that Beyonce may have her catalog pulled from Tidal, the streaming service her husband (that’s Jay Z) launched in March at a press conference where she appeared on stage.

Media outlets attached to the assertion — originating from a feature published by Bloomberg Businessweek on Thursday (May 28) — that Tidal had failed to re-up its streaming license with Sony Music, the umbrella major that houses Beyonce’s catalog. If the service doesn’t secure that license, then Beyonce and thousands of other artists will have to come down.

“Jay Z is a friend and business associate for many years,” Sony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris said in a statement to Billboard. “I have always admired his business acumen, his entrepreneurship and his passion for music. All of our content, including Beyonce, is available through the Tidal service, and we have announced no plans to remove our catalog from Tidal. Like all of our other partners, we are rooting for Jay and Tidal to succeed.”

A source familiar with the situation tells Billboard that Sony Music’s negotiations with Tidal are still underway, but the statement from Morris seems to indicate that there’s little chance of those talks ending with Beyonce being removed from the service. As well, users are still able to access Sony’s catalog on the service.

Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group both confirmed that they had re-licensed their catalogs to Tidal.

Tidal did not respond to a request for comment.

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