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Carlos Vives

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Yomil y El Dany

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Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as “Bad Bunny,” is a young urban music singer, most recognized in the Trap Latino subgenre. Originally from Puerto Rico, this talented artist has been surrounded by music since the moment he was born, which led him to have a passion for the art from an early age. For …

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Carlos Vives, el hombre que rescató una de las mejores expresiones artísticas de Colombia, estuvo predestinado al arte y especialmente a la música. Y, a través de ellas, y a lo mejor sin saberlo, a convertirse en el representante de ese colombiano puro y honesto enalteciendo nuestro país. A mediados de 1977, cuando murió en …

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Yomil Y El Dany

Roberto Hidalgo Puentes (Yomil) Nacido en La Habana (Cuba) el 9 de octubre de 1991. Daniel Munoz (El Dany) Nacido en La Habana (Cuba) el 6 de enero de 1989. Yomil y el Dany es un dúo que a marcado la diferencia en el genero urbano de Cuba desde que salieron con su primer tema …

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Carlos Vives, the man who rescued one of the best artistic expressions of Colombia, was destined for the world of art, especially music. And through it, and perhaps unknowingly, would become a pure and honest representation of Colombian culture representing his country with honor and humility. In mid-1977, when Spaniard scientist and founder of the …

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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias this is the guy that has been driving women crazy the last couple of months providing them with hit after hit, music video after music video. Enrique has been working overtime for the last couple of years dropping 4 albums in the last 11 years and working with over 10 different artists in …

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Girlz Talk

In a genre historically dominated by males, the bachata industry has acquired the perfect touch of femininity, which has been long awaited. GIRLZTALK is the prevalent female bachata group creating frenzy amongst its widespread audience. While the group has been formed since 2008, the dynamic duo of Marlyn Jimenez and Judy Santos have dominated individually …

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4 Ever

Their style is unique-Their voices can’t be compared-Their shows leave people talking. Who are they? They are Inoel, Delvis, Eidan, Luis or better know as 4EVER. These 4 young Puerto Ricans  have conquered the hearts of the Latin Public through their Bachatas. In such a short time they have brought their music all over the …

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