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March Madness Mixtape Vol. 3

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DJ Rican and DJ LED Trip to Colorado for Beyond the Music Retreat Blog and Vlog Post

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DJ Rican – Wrestlemania 33 Mixtape

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WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD With SO many callbacks, foreshadowing, and things to examine on what’s left in these last 2 episodes of Game Of Thrones, here are 5 things I noticed in Episode 4: 1. Daenerys is destined to be the “Mad Queen” by the end of Episode 4. Why do you ask? Well let’s recap …

March Madness Mixtape Vol. 3 mixed by DJ Boogy, DJ Drumz, DJ Gio, DJ Lanz, DJ Rican, Tito Knoise, DJ LED, DJ Cheatos.

Beyond The Music Retreat was the ComicCon of DJs but at a more intimate level. Hosted by VICE (DJ Vice) and DJ City, the retreat consisted of 6 panels that gave open ended discussions on advice and questions DJs have about this industry.  I have never been to a music industry conference/convention and I decided … Summer Party Mixtape 2017 DJ Dave Beats – Moombaton DJ Rican – House DJ Swagga P – Bachata VJ Mauro – Reggaeton DJ Drumz – Dembow DJ Lanz – Hip Hop Gio Breton – Latin Trap

Location: IndianapolisFormat: OpenRadio: La Grande 105.1FM Originally from Indianapolis, IN, DJ Rican (Julio Enrique Rolon) is known for his energetic and diverse selection of music. From the Latin roots of the congas of Salsa classics to the 808’s of hip-hop & house hits, Rican is able to adjust to any crowd on the dance floor. …

Who’s the best? Vote Now Match #2 DJ Lanz vs DJ Rican [poll id=”41″]

Friday July 10 K Rose Live at Kay Carral Night Club with very own DJ Rican in the mix. Kay Carral Night Club 3970 Georgetown RD. Indianapolis, IN.