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Romy Burgos Ortiz’s Love of music started around the very young age of 4. His mother and family who loved Tipico,a fast tempo merengue country-style,  from their Hometown” Mao”in the Dominican Republic,  taught young Romo to dance Tipico and all genres. Whether it was Bachata or Merengue young Romo was excited when mentioned an upcoming …

0 245 Presents the Dominican Day Parade Mixtape 2014 Mixed by DJ Alex Demoledor, DJ Romo, DJ Toma, DJ Tanke.

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New from Spring Break 2014 The Offiical Mixtape Mixed by DJ Flow, DJ Tanke, DJ Alex El Demoledor, DJ Gero, DJ Proof, DJ Gee Boogie, DJ Romo, DJ Netics!

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  New House Banger Romo Edition Mix from DJ Romo.  

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  DJ Romo is back at popping more pill for his latest mix Latin House Pill Popper Volume 2.

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  DJ Romo killed it with his new Salsa Sensation Mix.

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Make sure to check out DJ Romo New Power Mix 03/12/13.  

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