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For the past couple of year Romeo has always teased all of his fans with new music or a new album on April Fools. This year he teased a new song with Aventura but we received nothing but a video saying sorry that it was an April Fools joke and that he hopes his fans …

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The phrase “The Word is Watching” has been said many times for many important moments in history. This past weekend was the reunion of one of the most recognized new age Bachata groups ever Aventura. Since their break up in 2010 and each member went on to work on individual projects, Romeo and Henry started their solo …

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New from DJ Jordyy Aventura Tribute Mix #2 2014.

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Check out our exclusive Top Ten List of Aventura’s Most Viewed Music Videos on Youtube. Going all the way back to the beginning and birth of the group to the groups last song together. #1.Por Un Segundo – 53, 484, 835 Views #2.Su Veneno (Bachata Version) – 40,491,951 Views #3.Obsesion – 39, 989, 587 Views …

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