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Thank You to@bachataheightz for always showing us love and support! Also make sure to check out all of their music and bio on #lamezcladotcom#bachataheightz #bachata #artist #latino#support #video

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New Music from New Bachata Artist Jean “Can’t Find Love” Official Music Video.

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New zodiac astrology advice for all you believers out there! –Courtesy of Eli ( Lifestyle Blogger)

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Joseline Hernandez

ATLANTA — A masturbation video featuring Joseline Hernandez, a cast member on VH1’s reality TV show “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” has been leaked online. Hernandez, a former stripper and aspiring rap and reggaeton artist, was cast on “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” after being discovered by Grammy-Award winning music producer Stevie J. The two were romantically …

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Stephanie Tejada

Q: What’s your favorite type of Latin Dish? Nachos fully loaded Q: How does music affect your career? I love music I use to do alot of theatre and musicals,I sing opera Q: Who are your top 3 favorite Latin Artis? Selena R.I.P,Marc Anthony,La India Q: What do you like to do on your time …

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