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Mark B’s career begins with a collaboration called “Me quiere no me quiere” in which several artists like Arcangel, Mozart La Para, Vakero, Tempo, Ilegales, among others artist participated. After this collaboration Mark b did a featuring with the artist Shelow Shaq, in which the song “Solos tu y yo” produced by sharp in the …

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Q: Every Artist has a dream/goal in there career such as having a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden. What is your dream/goal? Well it would definitely be amazing to have a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden it’s definitely a goal we are hoping to achieve one day . But we feel …

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A Exclusive from Chantel Collado and her new single from her new album Mentiras Baratas – (Versión Acústica) Video.

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Check out Freddy Kenton Jr. New Single A Primera Vista now Available on La Dynastia Freddy Kenton Jr. – A Primera Vista (Official Video) BachataNoticias DestacadasVideosOficialesUltimos VideosAug 5, 2014 La Dynastia Freddy Kenton Jr. – A Primera Vista (Official Video) La Dynastia Freddy Kenton Jr. – A Primera Vista (Official Video) Miami, Florida | …

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Born in Bogota, Colombia on April 21, Paola Duarte also known as “PAOLA” has become a rising star in the entertainment industry with her ability to perform and achieve success as a singer, actress, and major print model. She recites her early influences derive from her grandfather who was a radio host & Latin recording …

0 191 presents one of the hottest Dembow artist straight from the Dominican Republic Chimbala Live at Firestone Orlando. DJ Alex El Demoeldor, DJ Jason Music in the mix. Animacion De DJ Garcia.

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What’s Missing? Is a question that runs through Jessy Rose’s mind about her genre of choice, Urban Bachata. The young Jersey native who kicks off her journey in the recording arts world with her hit single, “Te Amo.” A song that continues to rise in charts across the nations. Quickly, following suit of success is …

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  New Music from Genuino now promoting his new hit single Pasala Bien.

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Rafael Robles Fernández conocido en sus comienzos como Raffa “El Versatil”, nació en la ciudad de San Juan PR el 19 de Julio de 1987. Desde pequeño tenia una gran inclinación hacia la música ya que siempre ha estado involucrado en actividades de canto, baile y actuación. A sus 18 años comienza a introducirse en la …

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Jessy Rose Official Music Video For Her New Hit Single Unfaithful.

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Brand new video from Jenny La Sexy Voz ft Farruko & J. Alvarez for there new track “Sola”.

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Make sure to check out JR’s official music video for his latest hit single Hush.

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    New Music from New Artist Kat Dahlia – “Gangsta” (Spanish Version)

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  Check Out J. Alvarez  New Music Video For Se Acabo El Amor.

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 New Music from Ko El Mas Completo – Apaga La Luz brought to you by Los Internacionalez

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