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No solo de pica pollos y uñas acrílicas,los chinos ahora viven del dembow en RD. El nuevo exponente se hace llamar “Mister Chino”,y sus primeros sencillos, “Tamo Ranquiao” y “Karate y un trompón”, ya son populares en la Internet Son exitosos comerciantes en “pica pollos” y establecimientos de uñas acrílicas. Ahora la nueva generación de …

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Nueva Mezcla De DJ Alex El Demoledor Eclipse Mixeao Vol.2.

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Lo Mas Nuveo De DJ Alex El Demoledor Ecplise Mixiao Vol.1.

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SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic -. Today police are in pursuit of the urban genre merengue Antonio Peter de la Rosa (OMEGA), for allegedly creating an issue where he a young woman who asked for a photo and also slapped a security guard at the mall that had approached him for his action towards the female. According …

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Santo Domingo.- The CEOs of the financial groups BHD and Leon on Wednesday announced their merger which will now be Dominican Republic’s second biggest bank, with a 20% market share with assets of RD$200.0 billion (US$4.7 billion). The transaction, which takes effect in January, includes the purchase of part of the BHD’s stake in the …

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Festival Independencia de la Republica Dominicana held today at L’Boulevard Cafe from 11am-5pm in Miami, FL. Confirmed artists to be performing are Luis Vargas, Rubby Perez, Toño Rosario, Joe Veras, Oro Solido among others to grace the stage. Dominicans flock from everywhere in Miami including surrounding areas to celebrate their pride and independence.

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