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Check out more Pictures of Romeo Santos Live at Yankee Stadium Day 2 and the return of Aventura!

Check out some Instagram Pictures for Day 1 of the Romeo Santos Concert at Yankee Stadium.

A group of Latin musicians gave an historic concert at Yankee Stadium in the summer of 1973. About 40,000 fans danced to the beat of a genre that had a different flavor to the Sones, Guarachas and other Cuban rhythms of the era. It was called “salsa.” The genre with percussion, keyboards, vocals and wind …

Check out this Exclusive Photo of Derek Jeter and Romeo Santos at Yankee Stadium as Romeo gets ready for his upcoming concert at Yankee Stadium.

Latin music superstar Romeo Santos won’t be playing in pinstripes, but he will taking the field at Yankee Stadium this summer. Santos was joined by Yankees officials Monday for the release of his latest album, “Formula Vol. 2.” Following in the foot steps of artists like Beyonce and Billy Joel, Santos will also play a …