But first she wants to let us know some other advance in the form of a song. On the occasion of the title of her new work, Medianoches, the artist has summoned all her fans on TikTok at that time (6am in Spain) to announce the title of the first single from the album.

However, Taylor Swift has not chosen it (or so she wants us to believe) but chance. With the help of a hype, as if it were a Christmas lottery draw, Swift has drawn lots for which track on the album she will present to us first. “It’s me. Hi. I know I have a habit of dropping scrambled tracks and Easter eggs when I give you new information about my music. And I’m not here to deny it. I’m here to challenge it. Welcome to this new series I’ve called: Mayhem Midnights With Me (Midnights of chaos, with me),” his video begins, while an elevator melody plays in the background.

“I’m going to use this high-tech device to help me allow fate to decide exactly which track I’m going to announce and in what order. In this cage are 13 ping-pong balls, numbered 1-13. Each one represents a track on the Midnights album. So let fate decide,” he continues, then do a couple of laps and sing bingo: “The first song I’m going to tell you about is… 13” , his lucky number (it’s already a coincidence).

Picking up a red telephone, the interpreter has announced the first single that we will know: “Song number 13 is called… Mastermind” and she has been able to read so far.

Could it be that this Midnights song talks about one of the darkest episodes that she lived -and embodied- in her Reputation era? This album should be in the process of being re-recorded and the theories on the part of the fans about which album under the Taylor Version signature would release the next one have not stopped increasing until the announcement of Midnights. A theory that was reinforced when in the past MTV VMAs he appeared with an Oscar de La Renta design that, undoubtedly, reminded us of one of the scenes of the video clip that we have mentioned previously.

Only time, destiny and Taylor Swift herself will confirm what it is.

Taylor Swift describes his new job this way: “We lie awake in love and in fear, in confusion and crying. We stare at walls and drink until they talk back to us. We squirm in our self-imposed cages and pray that we don’t -just right now – some fateful, life-altering mistake.

“This is a collection of songs written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and dreams. The floors we roam and the demons we face. For all of us who have ventured and twisted and decided to keep the flashlights on and start the search – hoping that maybe, the clock will stop at twelve… we’ll meet.”

This album will be released on vinyl as a physical format, with a standard version and three other special editions in different colors. In addition, the four back covers form a clock. It is not for nothing that she is one of the best in her field; the small and meticulous details also add up.

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