Max Gregory Pérez Reyes, artist and graphic designer, currently residing in Miami. It is very gratifying to tell the story of this dreamer, an excellent artist and creator of great arts based on a lot of heart and personal style. Max works primarily in branding, web design, typography, and art installations.

There have been many achievements that make him stand at the top and among the greatest graphic designers today. He has been the winner of important awards including “Latino in Philadelphia”, “Estrellas” and “too much” in New York City. Likewise, he has been able to work with important and recognized artists such as Alicia Keys, 50 Cent, Mark Anthony, Tego Calderon, Mozart

La Para, Hector El Father, Baby Rasta, Chino Miranda, Dj Kahled, Jowell and Randy, Farruko, Justin Quiles.

His passion for graphic design and creating was empirical, he did not have to attend university and hold a degree to be “among the toughest” today. His education has always been visual. His tastes and interests have changed to those he could have since he was a child, although not his intention, as it has always been to “help others”. He works with new artists, donates his time and offers himself to people who are low-income to to be able to offer them their service and collaborate with them.

He attributes his talent to her mother, Josefina Reyes, who spent her entire life working in printing presses; Josefina was a fundamental part of her formation as a person and from whom she acquired the knowledge applied today.

Max’s career has been very productive, he manages to get his first job in New York City, in “LB Grafic”, where David García allows him this opportunity. He later managed to create his graphic design company. In 2006 to 2008, in Philadelphia, he created an important printing company called “24K GRAPHX” in which he developed graphic design, photographs, and where he stood out for working with important artists such as “Baby Rasta”, “Luis Vargas” “Raymond Y miguel ”,“ Frank Reyes ”. He attended important events where only his company “the largest graphic design company in the city of Philadelphia” as it was known, was the only one authorized to attend events to record and take photos such as “Tajmajal” and “the stop of Dominican Philadelphia ”.

He met Agustín Barreto in 2008, director of music at “Univisión”, who is the help that allows him to enter as a Graphic Designer in the important chain of “Univisión”, a goal that he had proposed when he arrived in Miami, and with only two months of being in the city he was able to achieve it thanks to his creations. There have been many teachings and knowledge that he has acquired in the “largest Spanish-language media conglomerate in the United States” as it is known, one of them is for having made the visuals of the Daddy Yankee show, called “the queen”. and the “Univision Upfront” where he made the graphic presentation and be able to obtain the highest score, this is a sales show of programs that come to be developed during the year. In this same chain he manages to be the “multimedia supervisor of Univisión.”

In 2016, he opened his first company in Miami, together with your son Max Perez II, of app programming called “StickyBEE Enterprises”, which is still in force, and it became Digital Octopus LLC. Together with his company, he manages to create “StickyBee Learning”, it is an educational application for children, visual bases, in order to learn to read and reinforce language and memory. It is created primarily with autistic children.

In the pandemic, he reinvented himself in such a way that all his knowledge, such as creating apps and the functions of a graphic designer, was implemented in a single company and idea. And where the result of him was to create a product called “Digital Octopus radio”, which has become one of the best-selling radios for vehicles in the United States. And who today considers it one of his greatest creations.

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