As every year, La Mezcla returned to close out the year with a compilation of the most listened to artists throughout 2022. In this way, viewers read about all the artist releases, events and premieres in an animated and most epic way. Talents that we have listened to the most throughout the year, the most important musical genres or groups in the entire music industry.

This summary is usually really in demand to be able to count down what has been on FIRE throughout the whole year. Although, this year La Mezcla has been best known for their best radio mixers and club DJ’s, La Mezcla has opened up a whole new fresh perspective on content, listenership and viewership based on the demographics interest, locations and social media.

Let us wrap up to you our top 5 artists of the year with the what, where and why.


# 5 ROSALIA – Our Spanish Starlet decided to change the fusion of pop with flamenco that made her internationally known for a style much more oriented towards reggaeton, Rosalía took risks that brought her both positive results -on a commercial level and in regard to various sectors, critics – as negative – on the part of those who considered that he had gotten into the car of fashion without needing it.

The alterations occurred from one album to the other, that is, from “El mal querer” (2018) to “Motomami” (2022), and beyond the natural recess caused by the pandemic, they coincided with an expansion of his fame that, Regarding the place from which we write, it has allowed him to go from the Mayan Theater where he performed during April 2019 (with a capacity of 1,700 people) to having two dates at the YouTube Theater (with a capacity of 6,000), more precisely , the one that took place yesterday and the one that will take place tonight.

In this sense, the Catalan is not as famous as Bad Bunny, she filled the immense SoFi Stadium twice, in which 70 thousand individuals fit. But comparing her to the world’s most popular artist isn’t necessarily fair, especially since, despite her increasingly overt efforts to stand out within the commercial industry, Rosalía constantly takes risks by experimenting with every genre she appeals to, which puts her in a less accessible and accommodating position than many of her senior colleagues.

Be that as it may, there is something inherently exciting in what Rosalía does, an interpreter and composer who, from what she shows, seems to be completely determined to join the big leagues of world pop, because much of what she currently does -including her numerous flirtations with contemporary R&B- is aimed squarely at mass tastes. So we love her on our top of 2022.


#4 ROMEO SANTOS – Romeo oh Romeo, Romeo Santos is a bachata singer, born in 1981 in New York. For those who don’t know Santos is the son of Dominican descent and a Puerto Rican mother.

The dream of being a singer for Romeo Santos began in the church choir at the age of 12, to later become the vocalist and composer of the group Aventura.

Aventura’s mission was to fuse bachata with more modern sounds of today’s music such as R&B and hip hop. The rise of Romeo Santos y Aventura began in 1999.Aventura is the second newly formed band to fill Madison Square Garden. However, Aventura broke up to emphasize the solo career of Romeo Santos.

Romeo Santos decided to start his solo career in 2011. With the previous fame gained from being the lead singer of Aventura, Santos kicked off his project with an album titled “Formula.” The second duet single with Usher was listed as the number 1 song on the Tropical Songs and Hot Latin Songs charts.

Romeo Santos became one of the few musicians to fill Yankee Stadium for two consecutive shows. Bands like Metallica, Pink Floyd and Jaz-Z with Justin Timberlake, achieved this mark.

As of today, Romeo Santos has more than 200 million subscribers on YouTube and one of his videos has reached almost 2 billion views. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Romeo Santos is worth $30 million. Getting ready for his epic 2023 his numbers will soon triple.


#3 KAROL G.. – Once again, this Colombian Queen is a worthy representative of the female empowerment that was so lacking in Latin America. As an authentic sample of femininity in modern times, the Colombian singer has set the pace and skill towards a new musical era where female talent is increasingly recognized and where Latin America is the global axis.

‘La Bichota’ announced the first concert on the Isla del Encanto for March 11, 2023. From the moment they went on sale, the tickets sold out in just one hour. Then the reggaeton singer announced a second date for March 12, 2023 and they also sold out in a matter of minutes.

Karol G is ready to kick off her next tour “$trip Love Tour”, produced by AEG Presents. On this new tour, which promises to be a complete success, the interpreter of ‘200 Copas’ will tour 30 cities in the United States and Canada, including Puerto Rico.

During her ‘Bichota Tour’ that she did in 2022, the artist performed at the imposing Coliseo de Puerto Rico, where thousands of fans gathered to see her at the first concert of her tour.

Karol G has had a year full of great successes. A few days ago she premiered her new song “Catwoman” in collaboration with Maldy. In this way, the artist fuses fresh rhythms with the original reggaeton by Maldy, one of the pioneers of reggaeton who was part of the famous Plan B duo.

The video accumulates more than 31 million views on YouTube and is in the first place of trends on this platform. It is a rather daring audiovisual, filled with a lot of sensual and explicit content, with a macabre style where Karol G is shown as a villain in a horror movie and in turn completely reveals much of her attributes.

In addition to her, her tour of Latin America was a success and she performed on big stages like the Coachella Festival and Tomorrowland. La Bichota also premiered successful songs like ‘Mami’ with Becky G and ‘Provenza’.


#2 RAUW ALEJANDRO – Todo De Ti. Is all we can say about Rauw. There is nothing we aren’t a fan of about Rauw. Growing up in Puerto Rico, Rauw Alejandro used to hide the mix records his uncle gave him, which often had explicit lyrics, from his father. They featured pop-punk groups like Blink-182, but also the early stars of alternative music, a synthesis of hip-hop and dancehall that preceded reggaeton.

This year Rauw was one the biggest stars in Spanish-language music. In the last six years, he has earned a reputation as a sophisticated heartthrob; it’s not uncommon for fans of his to throw bras onto the stage at his performances or scream uncontrollably when he shakes his hips during a dance routine.

Alejandro also has an imaginative and renegade approach to pop music. His songs soften the edges of R&B, dancehall and reggaeton and sprinkle them with the sparkle of disco and synth pop.

Aphrodisiac, his first studio album released in 2020, built on the following he had amassed on SoundCloud for his twilight R&B collages and reggaeton. Its 2021 follow-up, Vice Versa, took a bolder approach; it incorporated elements of drum and bass, deep house, and disco, igniting conversations about the age-old intersections of reggaeton and electronic music. That record is nominated for eight awards at the Latin Grammys on Thursday night.

Before his musical career, Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz was a small-town boy growing up in Canóvanas, a quiet, mountainous area of ​​Puerto Rico far removed from the bustling city of Carolina, where he attended school. His father played the guitar and his mother was a showgirl and dancer. When he was 12 years old, his parents divorced and Alejandro moved to Carolina permanently with his mother.

Alejandro knew that he wanted a nostalgic touch for this album and something that would make it a dynamic live show. While other recent pop releases, like The Weeknd’s Dawn FM, have explored past imaginings of the future, the focus has often been 1990s synthwave or house. 1990,” he explained. That influence permeates the entire record: there’s the beat with music from before “Verde menta,” which lands as a propulsive revamp of an Exposé track. In “Más de una vez” a sample of Susana Estrada, the Spanish star, is made, in which Alejandro’s caramelized falsetto floats over digital synthesizers and percussion.

Alejandro in 2002 recruited reggaeton’s forefather, DJ Playero, whose clandestine mixtapes were essential to the proliferation of the genre in the 1990s. “Punto 40” and “Dejau” interpolate some of Playero’s live performances, albums and street mixes, while the explosive local anthem “De Carolina” plays with excerpts from the founding tape “Playero 38”, such as “La gente sabe ”, by the duo Maicol and Manuel. Along with his producers, Alejandro worked with Playero to help shape the songs.


Coming in at #1.. BAD BUNNY, This conejo malo has extended his reign as the most listened to worldwide for the third year, placing himself at the top of the list of artists and albums of the year with “Un verano sin ti”. Bad Bunny also reached the fourth and fifth position of the most played songs worldwide.

The Puerto Rican star is the first artist to top the list of favorites for three consecutive years. In 2022 he had more than 18.5 billion views on all streaming music services combined. As in 2021, the second most listened to artist worldwide was the American Taylor Swift, followed by the Canadians Drake and The Weeknd as well as the South Korean band BTS. Swift is the most streamed as a female artist as well.

Not to mention his first major film debut, in Bullet Train, a legally registered course in major Universities.. “Bad Bunny 101” and a “Marvel” creation.. What else can we expect for Bad Bunny in 2023?

“You have to celebrate him, he is a Latino artist, and he is above all the monsters and superstars of global entertainment,”  – La Mezcla.Com

We hope you enjoyed out top 5 countdown .. Should we change up the list.. I think we knocked it out the park in 2022. We can’t wait for next year!!

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