Ticketmaster Cancels Taylor Swift Concert Ticket Sales

Ticketmaster gave this Thursday afternoon the worst news to Taylor Swift fans: it will stop the public sale of tickets for her “Eras” tour scheduled for Friday due to “extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and an inventory of insufficient remaining tickets” to meet demand.

This all comes after the company opened ticket sales earlier this week, causing parts of its website to crash and fans having to wait hours for tickets.

What happened generated calls to dissolve Ticketmaster, because some critics accuse it of having a monopoly on online ticket sales. To this, the company cited extraordinary demand for the tour and attempted to control the pace of ticket releases.

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Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skmetti (R) said Wednesday that his office received complaints from those who tried to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster’s website and would investigate whether consumer rights were violated as well as antitrust rules.

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Today’s lengthy post by Ticketmaster states: “This time the staggering number of bot attacks, as well as fans not having invite codes, drove unprecedented traffic to our site, resulting in 3.5 billion requests.” totals on the system”, four times the peak of previous web traffic.

Tickets sold. On Tuesday, more than 2 million tickets were sold for the tour of the American singer who claims the new record for having the highest number of tickets sold for an artist in one day.

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