Top 5 Latin Artist Right Now

Top 5 Artist
Top 5 Artist

#1 Romeo Santos

Two new hit singles, two new music videos, and a new album in less then 5 months now that’s what I call hard work and only one person could make that happen. Romeo Santos has had an amazing year so far not only with what was left Aventura but also with his new solo debut album “Formula Vol. 1” aka the “Perfect Formula”. In his new album Romeo expanse his creative genius as he works with different genres in the Music World with artist such as Lill Wayne, Pitbull, Usher, and more.

#2 Pitbull
Mr. Hit Maker Pitbull the man that comes out with a hit song on a weekly bases. Pitbull is amazing and it’s just not for his mic skills but for how creative he is both on and off camera. Since the beginning of 2010 till now Mr. 305 has had 7 hit singles while working with artist from both the Hip Hop and Latin genre. This just makes you wonder what else is there for Pitbull to do to improve his music career.


#3 Enrique Iglesias
Many people will say that Enrique took after his world famous father but Enrique Iglesias is on a totally different level.  Enrique just released his latest album Euphoria which included 4 hit singles with different artist from different genres. Enrique is now being recognized at the king of Latin Pop not only for his music but also for his ability to go from English Music to Latin Music and still dominate the market.


#4 Don Omar
Super star artist, and new movie star Don Omar counties to re invent himself by expanding his skills with music and movies by working on new and exclusive projects. In 2010 Don Omar released his latest album Meet the Orphans which included 3 hit single such as Hasta Bajo, Danza Kuduro, and Taboo two in which were in the hit movie “Fast Five” a movie that Don Omar was also part of.  Don Omar will always be “The King of Kings” and he has more then enough to prove it.


#5 Prince Royce
What isn’t there to say about this guy, his smart, knows how to sing, the ladies love him, and his a young artist with heart. Prince Royce has been no stop since day one with tours, awards show, music videos, his new album, and more. Prince Royce has been having a great year so far and he still has a lot to show us, he had a great tour with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull. He was also featured with Daddy Yankee, and Mana and been breaking the Bollards for weeks at a time. Keep up the good work.

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