Zerimar, a talented artist of the urban genre from Puerto Rico, decides to propose something different by showing her new single entitled “Look like me”, which is a Rap that is accompanied by a music video and which is part of her next EP, part of a great musical production backed by Secret King.

The multifaceted Zerimar, a graduate of East River High School who, despite being a dancer, author of her productions, is engaged in online sales, Amazon. As a child, she was characterized by demonstrating her overflowing talent in family gatherings, one of her impulses to fight for her dream as a singer was to go through the pain of losing her uncle and thus she decided to turn a very strong moment in her life into motivation.

Apart from all the aforementioned facets of the 19-year-old artist, she mentions that she has a hobby to listen to music and thus calm her sadness and sometimes also be inspired to compose her lyrics. She is motivated by everything interesting that is happening in her career and that is, how not? Currently, it has the representation of one of the greats in the music industry such as Phill Robinson, who has worked hand in hand with renowned world-class artists such as Rihanna and Kanye West.

His first EP was produced in New York City, which is why this production will be sung in English and Spanish, in addition, it compiles a fusion of contagious and energetic rhythms, with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. and that all

people get to know the talent of the new Puerto Rican singer. It is expected to impact the public who love the urban genre with this video where she will surely highlight the best of herself as we have seen before in her productions.

“Look like me” is available on all digital platforms since September 11 and its official video on the Zerimar YouTube channel.

Zerimar, The 19-year-old Puerto Rican singer launches her new single called “Look like me” reaching more than 65,000 views in just a few hours. This song is accompanied by an excellent musical and audiovisual production in which we will find great factors of the talent that Zeimar has as an artist.

The also performer of hits like: “Hip”, “Lie” and “Guilty”, now brings with this new project great proposals and goals. Since she was little she dreamed of being in the artistic environment as a singer, and today she is giving her best to achieve it, since she was little she showed her talent by being the soul of the parties, and expresses that she always wanted to dedicate herself to this.

Zerimar has had to discover that humanity has changed its purpose, and although he does not profess any religion, he believes a lot in God. The young artist has many purposes to be an example of female empowerment, one of her greatest goals in positively influencing society, that people are filled with love and good qualities to contribute to a better society.

The Puerto Rican mentions: “I long to mark a new course in urban music,

have mental and emotional peace ”. Zerimar feels that people perceive his good energy and that good person that he is, which is why, with his musical projects, including “resembling me”, he wants to reach the largest number of audiences, including languages ​​such as English and Spanish in its lyrics.

Recognized in the musical environment as Phill Robinson and Flaco Figueroa who is the producer of the video for this single, they have seen in Zerimar all the talent and contribution it has for the urban world and, although this single breaks their schemes by presenting itself as rap they trust that it will be a big step in your career.

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