Vice Menta

Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, twin brothers Celo and Genio better known as VICE MENTA have discovered an uncharted territory within Latin urban music and are preparing to take the world by storm with their fresh sound and signature style. Over the years, the brothers have drawn inspiration from American Pop and R&B acts, and first began to catch the attention of fans around the world via YouTube and social media, performing covers to the works of Usher, Chris Brown, and Drake. Realizing it was time to take their talent and passion to the next level, the brothers began frequenting the states in 2016 in pursuit of their big break.

In 2016 they arrived in Los Angeles, CA with only a few personal possessions and a dream. They soon discovered that although Hollywood is where dreams come true, it was going to take a lot more than just talent and desire to open the door to an industry as sought after as music. Not letting anything stop them, the brothers did as any millennial would do and took to social media to begin knocking on doors. They began sending DMs to any and every person with ties to the music industry. From presidents of major labels to recording studio interns, they left no stone unturned, in hopes that just one person would see their message and give them a chance. After months of unanswered messages that chance came in the form of Ray Daniels, former VP of A&R at Epic Records.

Daniels saw something special in the Mexican siblings and offered them a chance to help develop their dreams into reality. Soon the brothers found themselves in Daniel’s hometown of Atlanta, GA ready to make music. Realizing that being the new kids on the block meant waiting in line for the big-name producers and writers to find the time and give you chance, the brothers decided to once again take fate into their own hands. They began to learn the ins-and-outs of producing music and writing their own lyrics. They dedicated their days and nights for months to learning the art of music production, and soon had 5 songs that they felt they could present to Daniels. Daniels was blown away, initially asking who they got to produce and write for them, and upon hearing they did it themselves he knew it was time to take Vice Menta to the next level.

In 2017, Vice Menta released their first official project as artists, a 5-song EP titled “La Wave”. La Wave began to organically catch the attention of music fans and industry execs alike. Soon, the global music streaming platform, Spotify took notice of the buzz surrounding the twins and featured Vice Menta on Radar Latino, opening them up to more ears and opportunities.

Vice Menta took their dreams, passion, and unique style and managed to pave their own lane by fusing their Latin roots with a life-long interest in American music and pop-culture. From singing, to songwriting, and quality music production, Vice Menta’s fusion of influences is best described as innovative. By mixing Celo’s mysterious sound with Genio’s edgy appeal, they’ve added an exquisite aesthetic to their sound in hopes of filling a void in Spanish music.

In early 2018, Vice Menta signed an exclusive recording contract with major recording label, Warner Latina. The brothers are now gearing up for their first release under the label’s support, titled “Granada” which will drop on September 21st.

By infusing a traditional American take on rhythm and blues, southern hip-hop, and trap into their Spanish lyrics, they’ve acquired the potential to become one of the most impressive cross-over duos in Latin-music history.
Arriving to the world one minute apart from each other, the two have been inseparable ever since. Their conservative upbringing was once an opposition of their music dreams, but their desire to prove the world that they can do whatever they want has always overpowered any non-believers. Contrary to most artists their age, a rich and famous lifestyle isn’t their only end game. Above all, the boys’ twin bond has allowed them to bounce ideas off of one another while staying true to their roots. If all goes to plan, their soothing voices and appreciation of two indifferent cultures will bridge a gap between two bordering countries.

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