Victoria La Mala Release “Todo Lo Que Quieres” Ft Alemán and Maejor

Mexican regional star Victoria La Mala premiered the music video of her single “Todo Lo Que Quieres (Can’t Remember)” featuring Alemán and Maejor.

“Todo Lo Que Quieres (Can’t Remember)” featuring Alemán and Maejor is an unusual, yet stunning bhangra and rap mix where Victoria showcases her vocal prowess and really embodies what self-esteem means as she confidently affirms that no one’s ever going to find anyone like her.

“Now you realize who I really am // That out of all of them I’m the best // Everything you need, I have it here,” Victoria sings while setting the tone before she goes on to add that she’s not wasting her time on someone who doesn’t value her anymore.

The music video, directed by Alejandro Santana and executive produced by Victoria La Mala, is so far one of her most visually stunning works, beginning with her running through the colorful gardens of a magnificent estate and reaching a fountain, stopping for a moment, and shedding a tear in a way that makes you believe you’re witnessing the end of her innocence.

Then we take a dive into this parallel universe where Victoria is as empowered as she’s ever been, a queen of some sorts, cursing away the ghosts of past, bad relationships, while owning her confidence. We also see Alemán spitting his verses while trying to convince Victoria’s character to take him back, resulting in a power duel that ends with Victoria realizing her worth.

“Working with Alemán was amazing and truly authentic from the start. After sending him the song, he called me and invited me to a party in LA where we met for the first time. He is so talented and such a cool person! He was so easy and fun to work with and we had a blast shooting this video in Mexico City. Our friendship has evolved so much we call ourselves cousins now. It was an honor for me to hear that he loves the song and video as much as I do, and we hope the audience can feel that passion,” Victoria said.

The song is part of Victoria La Mala’s first EP “Soy Mala,” and the music video comes after her collaboration “Paraíso” with Abrina and C kan.

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