WISIN Y YANDEL & ROSALIA IN ‘Besos Mojados’????

In 2009, Wisin y Yandel released ‘Besos Mojados’, a song that originally invited you to fall into an alcoholic coma after asking for a disgusting cotton candy at a neighborhood party and ending up packed with the neighborhood with soaked pants because good weather, what we would call good weather, it was not. And of course, with the ambulance on the way, your friends throwing the bottles as if they were going to hide that you’re passed out, and the song playing at full blast in the attractions in the background, really the fact that it was raining was a bit of the least.

The rest, as we say, remains the same but elegant: you would listen to ‘Besos Moja2’ at the attractions of a good neighborhood, while you spill your glass of Moet on a carpet and lament the mess you’ve made, snapping your fingers so that the boy from cleaning is fast approaching and the organizer of the party, Nieves Álvarez, does not realize the mess on her floor. In bumper cars nobody would crash, of course, because it’s not a matter of spoiling the Lanvin for a bit of adrenaline. The ambulance would continue to arrive, as in 2009, but not because of an alcoholic coma in a mud pit, but because to the sound of ‘Besos Moja2’, Madame De Rosa would have realized that there is another girl wearing the same belt as her, which it would cause a joint fainting and the appearance of several pay-pays giving them air.

Curiously, in the revision of the song in 2022, the rain thing is maintained, because there are no ion dryers that have managed to dry Rosalía’s hair since she released ‘Motomami’. Eternally drenched. She has grown her own family of mushrooms on one of her locks. But yes, the essence of ‘Besos Moja2’ – do you get it? ‘2’ because it is the second version of the song and for moja»dos«. A creative risk not up to everyone’s level but Wisin & Yandel’s – it remains more or less the same. But chic. Because Rosalía is coming in and you have to refine the idea, the two-thousand-year production goes out and a more sophisticated reggaeton comes in. And some palms. There is always a moment when history has to sound like it was produced by Siempre Así.

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