Xtina Noel


Q: What’s your favorite type of Latin Dish?
A: Pernil and arroz y gandules
Q: How does music affect your career?
A: Music affects my whole life. Period. Not just my career. One of my favorite things to do is dance, and sing. Of course, in the privacy of my own home, shower, car, etc. I’m NO American Idol (laughs)
Q: Who are your top 3 favorite Latin Artis?
A: Prince Royce, Marc Anthony & Aventura
Q: What do you like to do on your time off?
A: The normal things a woman would enjoy, shopping, lunch with friends, time with family and harassing my boyfriend (laughs)
Q: What’s your favorite type of modeling (Swimsuit, Business, Beach, Lingerie)
A: I enjoy using my sex appeal so I would have to say lingerie or swimsuit
Q: What are 3 things about you that makes guys look back?
A: 1. Im a very down to earth person. 2. I snort when I laugh 3. I am told many times, I resemble Mariah Carey. It wouldnt be a regular day if someone didnt stop me to ask me if I knew who I looked like.
Q: Do you consider yourself a freak in the sheets?
A: Sometimes
Q: What’s are 3 qualities in a guy that makes you melt?
A: They have to be romantic, have a good sense of humor & take care of themselves (hygeine, well groomed, nice smile)
Q: What’s your favorite part about being a model?
A: The experiences, whether good or bad, are quite fun. I get to travel often and meet a lot of people along the way that I actually have developed friendships with.
Q: Who would you date Chris Brown or Drake?
A: Chris Brown (dont judge me) no pun intended ! (laughs) love that song too!
Q: Top 5 Latin Artist on your iPod playlist?
A: In no specific order: Prince Royce, Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony, Ricky Luiz & Aventura
Q: If you could have your own candy bar what would you name it?
A: Babygirl – with lots of caramel 😉
Q: When your home in bed watching TV what do you prefer booty shorts or PJ?
A: Booty shorts – even though I hate wearing anything in bed
Q: Every guy loves a girl that’s in to sports do you play any?
A: You would probably be surprised to know that I have played softball for 8 years (MVP 2 years in a row) and I played Soccer for 1 summer
Q: What do you think makes you stand out from other Latin Models?
A: I would like to say that I stand out because for one, I make sure that the photographers I shoot with for projects do not use a ton of photoshop or editing on my photos. I hate that. My body is 100% real but its not perfect and I dont want it to be. I’ve had no surgeries, enhancements, injections, lifts, tucks, etc. I also, manage myself. I like my money in my pocket, not anyone elses (laughs). I also have a goofy sense of humor which a lot of people find surprising because they have the misconception of models being “stuck up” — I am very down to earth and I love a challenge.
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