Yaritzell M Cordero Ayala was born on March 21, 1999 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. She is the first daughter of the marriage formed by Carlos Cordero and Waleska Ayala. Her younger sister, Kiannique Cordero, currently works with her as a photographer and collaborates in the scenographic part and others.

Yari from an early age showed talent and skill for music, her voice is innate. At the beginning of her Yari she performed from a very young age in sports, her passion was Soccer and table tennis, where she obtained awards and recognitions. She too, she participated in the Church Youth Group in Canóvanas, PR where she had the opportunity to sing at Church events.

From the age of 18 she began to undertake and develop businesses online. In 2015 we moved to Florida and Yari was accepted to Doral Academy High School through an audition in Performance Art Music in the area of ​​singing. Her interest in music was increasing, so she asked her father for her support and development, in her vocal growth, and creating music she has met and shared with other artists of the urban genre.

Yari, within music, longs to collaborate with other artists within her own genre and others, she wishes to show her talent and her music to generations, and carry a positive message through music and letter from her. Black Diamond Music, Record Label represents and manages the career of Yari M, and also has an excellent team composed of experts and wise men with extensive experience and successes in musical production and composition, Azzie, Xavi, Eddie Ortega and Dirty Joe, more has its own studies.

After several months of hard teamwork, and chaos regarding the Pandemic (Covid), I decided to release Yari M’s first single, “Fulana” with video, a month later we released “Maltrato” with a lyric video that allowed her exposure and positioning in Mexico. These first two singles digitally paved the way for Yari M, he continued to work hard and make music, but his audience was asking him for new music, and that’s when the work team decided to release the first EP “Yo Soy” with 6 songs, a few months later the remix “Freshy” was made, which was one of the favorites of the EP and with it two great artists of the genre Randy and Brray join.

Yari is a young leader, cheerful, spontaneous, sociable, she loves to inspire others with her music and lyrics, she enjoys sharing with her friends, she is responsible and focused on her development and work in music, her greatest desire is to achieve her dreams. Right now, she is preparing to conquer the international market and creating new music for all her fans.

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