Zumba Celebrates Celia Cruz Around the World with “Un Tribute” by KYEN?ES?

In honor of the “Queen of Salsa”, Zumba® is celebrating Celia Cruz’s 95th birthday this month with “El Carnaval De Celia: Un Tributo” by KYEN?ES?. Through this tribute, Celia’s legacy and iconic music has already reached and impacted many corners around the world.
“Celia Cruz was an iconic singer and performer whose music has been playing in Zumba® classes for as long as I can remember. This year, we’ve licensed “El Carnaval de Celia: A Tribute” by KYEN?ES? to continue to celebrate and share her legacy with the many generations of instructors and students that are in the Zumba® family. “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” is the philosophy of Zumba®!,” said Alberto Perlman, CEO and co-founder of Zumba® Fitness.
The project by KYEN?ES?, which drew inspiration from Celia Cruz’s greatest hits, has reached 186 countries through Zumba®, including Korea, Turkey, Israel, United States, Colombia, Denmark, Russia and Netherlands, and is uniting different cultures together through Celia’s iconic music. Zumba®instructors from all around the globe are sharing the sounds of Celia Cruz with energetic choreography through virtual, outdoor and live classes.
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